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Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Comparison which is More Better

Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger both are best Messaging app but Hike vs Whatsapp Comparison is useful to know that which is Top Android Apps or best Messenger like hike vs viber or hike vs WhatsApp, etc. You can check these types of comparison on internet and you can see on the internet but comparison is most interesting for all to decide best services.

Everyone wanna know about Hike vs Whatsapp with their features. You know that people using all type popular Messenger in their mobile phones. But everyone wanna give priority to these apps which getting more points after Comparison.

Before some time, messaging was the first choice of every mobile user. All telecom providers were earning huge money every day by messaging service charges. But now the time has been changed. Now people using apps of messaging. If you have internet plan then you can enjoy messenger and can send unlimited messages to similar app user. So, many new apps launched into markets to send free SMS.

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How Can help Hike vs Whatsapp Messenger Comparison

These days peoples have confusion about which is the best app for you. If you will search for free messaging apps then you will find many apps. The top messaging apps are best to connect with your friends. Some are free and some paid after expire trail period. Some top messaging apps are Whatsapp, We chat, Hike and Line.

You can use all of them but reading best Comparison you can select best one which can give you more features of messengers.

Here we are comparing both messenger with some point likes transfer media size, free and paid, worldwide popularity and many others points which can give you more information to get deference of these apps. So lets me try to introduce Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger review for which is better.

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Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Comparison which is More Better image photo

Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Comparison

Now, come to the point and start comparison with different topics.

Media/ File Transfer Size – This is best topic to start comparison both apps. Using Hike, you can send up to 100MB files easily. But Whatsapp system allow to send only 16 MB media files but it’s also giving trimming the media file to reduce file size. But it will degrades real media quality. But using Hike, we can send without any issue big files so we can see that its best plus of Hike and bad point of Whatsapp.

Supported Files to Transfer – Using Hike you can send .ppt , .doc, docx and pdf files easily. It means it is best alternative of Email.

Mostly if you wanna send any pdf or Doc files then you need email but using this Hike messenger you can send easily. Using Hike you can send up to 100 mb file easily but using Whatsapp you can send only up to 16 mb files. So you can use it as Email but this feature we enable to use in Whatsapp.

You can Earn Money Using Hike – Nowadays many apps giving some money or mobile balance on installation and after completing some task like send SMS and stickers.

We Chat is one of the popular app to give more balance on sending stickers and creating groups. It is similar like Hike and also giving many time palace as gift to their users.

This app paying each successful referral Rs. 20 and also for the new user who signs up it will pay Rs. 15.  Most better thing that it is totally free but Whatsapp paying nothing on installation and for use. It’s free for one year and after one year it will charge some money.

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Stickers and Emotions – Every messenger known for their services and also their stickers. After emotions, these days stickers are most liked by people. You know that Facebook also included stickers on chat and comment section because stickers are best ways to give feeling without any quests. Using hike you can send many type emotional, funny and others stickers but on Whatsapp you can’t get this feature. Whatsapp supporting only emotions not stickers.

Theme Customization – Themes are designed which can make any design for attractive. WhatsApp is simple and you can’t change its default theme. But if you are using Hike then you can change its theme as you like so you can enjoy custom chat Themes for conversations to make it as yourself.

Movable to SD Card – Whatsapp is big size application and you can move it in your Mobile phone’s SD card. If you have low memory phone than you can load more apps. But Hike’s latest version movable into micro SD card. So you can get more space for your mobile internal memory. And also Whatsapp is bigger application so taking more space of internal memory.

Better Privacy – Privacy is main thing which every user need. We can say it Whats app have nothing special privacy. Means if you are a WhatsApp user then your number will show to all users and they can send you messages easily.

You can block that user but its not fair. But Hike have good privacy options. It means it works with friends request. A user will send your friend request and if you accepts their request then he can send you messages. So for better privacy you can use this application.

Notification – If we talk about both messengers notification then we found that if we send SMS from Whatsapp then we see a check marks below SMS. If you see double check mark means your message successfully deliver to your friend.

If one check mark means your friend have some problem to get SMS may be the connection or any other problems. But Hike has better notification with this option. They can easily understand with R’, ‘S’ or ‘D’ below each sent message means read, sent, and delivered, So I think it’s more better from Whatsapp Messenger.

Free Validity for Lifetime – Whatsapp is free for one year. After one year, you need to pay .99$ for use. But Hike is lifetime free. You can use this app life time without any Advertisement.

SSL encryption Security – Whatsapp conversation saved in SD card but in hike you can get 128 bit SSL encryption inside settings > privacy for better security to WiFi users. You are enable to use this option in Whatsapp.

Free SMS to Non-Users – Hike user privileged to send free 100 sms to non Hike users. You not need any data plan for this. If you invite any new user then you can get 50 bonus SMS with every successful invitation.

Hike vs Whatsapp Messenger which is better For you

Here is the short review which can help you understand some point to both applications.
App Free SMS Move SD Privacy SSL File Size Notify Stickers Earn
Global Mark
Whatsapp 1 Year Only
No Poor No Up to 16 MB Average No Never Yes 60
  Hike Lifetime Also non User Yes Strong Yes Up to 100 Mb Better Yes Yes No 80

Verdict on Hike and Whatsapp that Which is Better app for use

Friends, this is the short review of these both applications. Using this you can understand that which is better for use. If you will look their features then you will find that Hike is really awesome app for use.

You can use this application as email because it supports all useful file like pdf and any others. One of best thing that you can send big files from this app. But Hike is not worldwide app because it is recently launched. It may spread everywhere in the world in coming years. If you have any useful suggestion then just ask us by comment below.

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5 Responses to “Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Comparison which is More Better”

  1. bij says:

    best is hike

  2. b s v says:

    Hike is wonderful…No doubt…

  3. Nehal says:

    I love hike. Whatsapp you failed.

  4. Nishant says:

    Hike consumes too much data. I turned off the Auto-download setting for images, voice and video in setting but still it uses much data. Over one month period Background data consumption was whopping 202MB as against the Foreground data consumption of only 3MB. Mind it that this app is very in-efficient in terms of data and sucks hell lot of data.

  5. Hike is the best and soon it beats whatsapp

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