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Vex unblocked at school and also other all version with easy steps

Vex unblocked is one of the another most popular game which is the first version of vex 2 game and after the game launch it got huge popularity and within few months of release,

this game has got huge attention of internet users. And now more than millions people from all over the world are actually playing vex unblocked game in order to enjoy their free time or to get rid of bored feeling at home, school, college or any other place.

But sometimes due to security reasons or any other reasons, the administrators in schools and office places blocks access to these games or game websites so that office workers and school students can focus on their work and studies respectively.

But many people hate these types of things and want to unblock the games so that they can enjoy them and play freely. If you are one of them and you are looking to unblock vex game,

then you are at right place. Because today in this article we are not only going to share a complete guide about vex unblocked game but also how to unblock vex game with different versions and how to play guide.

So let’s get started and keep reading this detailed guide mentioned below.

Vex games are widespread style games action adventure for children and adults. There are four versions of this game and everyone something new and exciting for the players.

The game’s graphics are very simple, but the difficulty of each game can be quite high for some players.

These games are ideal for people who just want to do something for a few minutes or a few hours. Try all 4 versions today and see how fast you can complete them all!

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 Vex unblocked at school

How to Play Unblocked Vex Game

The default mode allows the player by the developer creates steps to complete the main character, a resolute doll. Run, slide, and jump over walls and other obstacles to reach the many checkpoints along each stage and exit cross the finish line.

The Builder mode allows the player customizable stadiums to build with your friends to share or play on your own.

This phase includes its own specific monitoring settings. Once you have completed the construction of the new fabulous step, you can send an email to the developers and beat us take your stage in Vex Community.

In Builder mode, players can click on an object that you want to place in the assets panel and use the arrow keys to navigate the object to your destination.

Pressing the C button, you can quickly and easily duplicate an object you selected, and the Esc key is to deactivate the object.

Also, use the Delete key on the keyboard, or the D button is selected; you cannot delete an object on the stage either.

With the spacebar, you can change your stage performance indicators.

The beginning of Vex 3 Unblocked is very similar to previous versions. So much so, that the first plane, and two game modes appear very familiar to players, however, they have played second Vex,

how to get through each level, you will find many different obstacles to overcome and win achievements.

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 Vex unblocked at school

Vex 2 Unblocked Game Features & Gameplay

It is actually the improved version of vex unblocked game that is brought up with some improvements and characters.

Play by choosing the game from the main menu, new players should start the tutorial before the actual game starts.

The tutorial will give you a general idea of how to play the game, and give you a little practice with the basic controls.

The operation is very simple. Either with the keys left and right arrow keys to your stick hero figure A and D or to move the game.

If you press the W key or the up, your hero will jump, and if you press the S key or down arrow key, it will duck.

Once you have completed the tutorial and get comfortable with the controls, you can start playing the first official level of the game.

There is a total of 10 Acts in Vex 2 respectively to overcome many different obstacles for you.

As you complete each file in the next Act, and unlock some other goodies! When you get to play Vex 2, the main menu appears.

In this screen several options are given – you can choose to play the game to build a stage, check your services, or enter the options area.

If you play for the first time, you can visit the options panel before the game starts. In this panel, you can set some game settings such as volume and music particles and sound effects, and blend modes.

Also, you can download the game data is reset warnings runtime and disabled

Vex Unblocked Game Different Versions

Vex 1

The original game Vex is based on the simple idea to move your character – a stick figure – from the start point to the end point at each level.

It sounds simple, right? Well, they not when faced with an imminent danger around every corner!

His little stick man to dodge, anger spikes and other obstacles to reach their final destination – and do it in record time!

Vex 2 Unblocked

As in the first version Vex 2 is full of action where you have to make a stick man as a fast race against the clock to play to the finish line.

Avoid the many obstacles that stand in your way, or it will be the meat into cubes!

Vex 2 represents a completely new idea – to use as well as additional key controls for users – a power range.

There are a total of 29 achievements players after each stage of the game you will receive within a desired time.

In addition to playing the fun and excitement of the game, players can also enjoy their own stages in the creative mode scenarios construction!

Vex 3

Vex 3 contains many similar features that could be seen in previous versions, but also offers the most difficult levels and other major improvements.

Vex 3, which face even more horrifying obstacles that can be fatal to the stick man.

In addition, some new features added to the service area and the range of builder platforms.

For example, now you have to unlock 40 achievements. In Stage Builder mode you have to use many other tools and new options and features that can be used at will. This game is full of all the best from previous versions – and then some!

Vex 4

Vex 4 loaded with new innovative ideas while maintaining the model gaming center.

Vex 4, which has not only the benefits, scenario mode and normal game, but you need to reach more destinations!

These goals include the perception of the fixed stars can be found at every level, to rake in some serious score points and play money.

Use the buying power-ups in play money and other playthings store, which can help speed up your character through 25 levels to record time!

Also new in Vex 4 players have the opportunity to choose between different characters! You can play as the male stick figure, stick figure female or even an ugly bear!

Instructions to follow in vex 2 unblocked game

Once the game is loaded, the player can access two different game modes are available: the game play and Constructor mode.

Each mode has its own set of default keys, for obvious reasons. In addition to the levels, players can also access the trophy room and the options panel in the main menu.

Players who have never played the game should choose the options panel before the start of the game. In this window

, you can choose options hotkeys, and adjust the sound effects and the volume settings of music and other game-related visual effects to customize settings.

Hope you liked and enjoyed this guide about vex 2 unblocked and found it helpful for you and if you have any queries related to this game,

feel free to let us know in the comments section below. For more unblocked games guides, you can check our unblocked category on

Final Verdict Vex 2 unblocked

So this is all about vex unblocked game of 2016 with complete and detailed information and hopes you liked and enjoyed this guide and found it helpful.

If you have any queries or suggestions regards this vex game, feel free to let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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