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Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2017

Faster Loading blogger template also highly SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2017 is very useful for better SEO,

So for better SEO you must use HTML5 supported with advanced SEO plugin and fixed speed bugs responsive blogger template,

If are you need your post on Google first page then you must get the latest technique of blogger template optimisation,

Its also can help us for Approved Adsense Account and also advertised companies like Getting Approved BuySellAds Account and also many other which every webmaster need.

Seo is biggest for every blogger, SEO is not limited topic, You can write unlimited tips and tricks for SEO,

But if you want to see, Yourself on professional blogger list, then you must know all things and learn all basic to advance technique step to step,

Truly we don’t know how to start Seo for a blog but, it is starting on selecting the domain name.

Choosing world Fasted Loading with latest SEO technique Blogger Templates is also the main thing. So first you must know about this then trying to write another.

How To Know about World Faster Seo Friendly Blogger Template

Before selecting any one you must know about that, You know Blogger coding more easy from WordPress,

So many newbies also creating their design, They will are not focusing on SEO and speed,

They just trying to make their design more stylish and also unique,

So they adding unwanted Jquery plugins and its make heavier your blogger blog,

So before selecting any design you must know that is supporting new Google policies,

Because now days Google Panda hit these blog which has heavy,  So use professional’s design blogger layout,

Because they notice all Google friendly things with right things with the right place.

Best free SEO Optimized Responsive Blogger Templates 2017

How to Check New Blogger Template Right Speed

You can  check your Blogger speed on Google official tool which is Google Page Speed Insight,

If you have 85 scores from 100, then your site is fast loading, But if its less then 80, I think your design is heavy,

On few post every design give high speed, But when you will add Widgets, Ads Social buttons and public more post,

Then it will lost speed, So for result, you can see professional’s or biggest site’s template,  and trying to get 95 speed on new demo design blog speed in Speed insight.

Use new SEO Plugin Added Blogger Templates for better Optimization

Optimization Techniques or Optimization completing by many ways, Similar like as WordPress,

You must use latest SEO plugin for your site; There are many plugins for better SEO but when you will use them than your Blog will lose the best speed,

So once again I wanna tell you that use professional’s design because they are adding a right plugin with the clean design.

So finally I am suggesting you that use the full design which no need any work, and which most popular and trying to use newly launched design because they support many new things.

World Fasted Highly SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2017

Template design needs only right code in Right place. But most developers doesn’t note this.

There are many new faster loading design are appear on net,  But most are need some things,

Some are not clean, Some are not SEO Optimized, Some are not supported HTML5 coding, some are created by old version coding and which not updated by their developers.

So after considering all things means All in one design which giving you SEO, speed and clean design these are added to our blog’s top blogger template list.

Senses: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template

“Senses” is also a Blogger template by that have many templates before.

Here again, this template is a collection of SEO and design. This time it’s a clean template for regular blogging or and for any website personal blogs.

Here also SEO comes first, and design got second but still you cant rank between design and SEO.

This template is also fully optimised and contain dynamic meta tags with the optimized title tag.

The clean HTML structure for a user as well as SearchEngine too. Headings tags are also optimised to give Keywords to Search Engine.

Labels, Comments, Archive links and archive pages optimised as Search Engine wants.

Again this time there is no Jquery to make it quick to load and even Blogger official CSS  is removed to load it quick. Now its Easy to read by top all Search Engine.

Like always, custom 404 page added. And also “All in one SEO Pack” plugin for Blogger by EXEIDeas added too, and this time also we used only web safe font to load quickly.’

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Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

All Screen Responsive, Highly Optimized, Google insight speed score above 98 and user experience 100, Clean design Adsense friendly,

Ads spaces also added in a template with the right navigation, Look like beautiful WordPress theme. provides it

24/7 News: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template

“24/7 News” is a free Blogger template that has a list of premium features that you can’t count on fingers.

You have seen many templates like this, but nearly all of them ask for money that not everyone can give so here it is that same and even better template than those and also free.

Premium features come to at end when you talk about and model the real SEO is on page SEO.

We first work on SEO instead of design because nothing is better to consider instead of SEO.

Like meta tags, headings tags, italic words, bold keywords, auto meta tags for every page, avoid Google errors, add rich snippets and much more that we can’t count.

Rest if you want to know about coding then one thing can define a lot that we didn’t use any Jquery in it that is causing hight load time in 99% blogs but still no one can tell that there is no Jquery.

If he views it from the frontend. It contains awesome CSS with one Google font that is hosted on Google servers that are fast too.

Rest if SEO and design meet then what else you want.

It’s a magazine style Blogger template that will help you to decrease your bounce rate too and can be used for any purpose of blogging.

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Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

This great design free provided by, If you need latest news template with the professional design, then you can choose this.

Its fully responsive for all screen, More fast loading, user experience 100 in speed insight with latest coding HTML coding. Adsense friendly Blogger template.

AllTech Buzz ATB Responsive Blogger Template

Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

It’s an all tech buzz template now shared for public use, It’s also fast loading, Highly SEO Optimised with latest SEO technique,

The full responsive design you can use it free. AllTech Buzz ATB Responsive more responsive and AdSense friendly theme, Its fast loading and working fine all screen,

Now days SEO also depend on Moble friendly theme, So you must use mobile friendly template or design, ATB or AllTech Buzz ATB Responsive also very mobile friendly.

Sensational Blogger Template

Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2015 image photo
If you need clean design with responsive also fast loading then you can use it,
Speed insight is above 86 with fully Optimized. Sensational every one know,
If you don’t find out more about responsive and design than you should go with Sensational its best for you.

Bresponsive Blogger Template

Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

Bresponsive also a familiar name in SEO friendly design, Its very older theme but more using,

You can see more free user using this great design, Its also very SEO friendly fast design. Its WordPress like a design you can say it premium likes also.

Linezap SEO optimised blogger template

This also best Blogger template, Its news and magazine blogger template, You can use this in any tech blog also.

It’s a pro design, As you know that if anyone visits your site, then he first look your site,

It will affect your visitors, If you have a perfect look then you can influence your readers,

It will give you royal returning visitors also If you need SEO Optimized responsive theme, then you can try this.

Some Best features of this Magazine with Optimized and SEO friendly fully responsive, Fast, Grid-Based and Portfolio Layout Auto Resize

Thumbnail Image which making more responsive this design, 3 Columns Layout with attractive Sidebar Widget,

Related Posts with Thumbnails will increase your pageview,

All widget added like a recent post, label, two comment system you can use any one, very Adsense friendly you can put everywhere easily.

Its very responsive like full SEO Optimised responsive at blogger template.

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Demo Linezap  –  Download Line zip 

Gaps magazine best blogger template 2017 Optimized and SEO Friendly

Gap also a best Blogger template which gives you clean design, Its magazine design looking very impressive,

No needed more customization its ready to use, Just upload and enjoy, easy navigation,

Adsense friendly and Ads available design, Its best SEO optimized premium blogger templates 2017 but its free premium template,

You can use it as technical blog template; it’s responsive so You don’t need to make blogger template responsive and Full SEO Optimized.


 Demo Gaps  –  Download Gaps 

Soloris free premium blogger template

In this article we are trying to share free premium blogger template which gives you more features also free, Soloris also the best design,

Its magazine designs most blogger using this free design.

Its very user-friendly looks very responsive, Some of best features of soloris is Magazine Design Layout

responsive, SEO optimized, fasted, Google friendly.Auto Resize Image making more responsive in every browser,

Its Sticky Drop-Down Menu Bar giving real WordPress look, 2 Columns Layout with highly SEO optimized,

Threaded Comments with Adsense ready. Its best Blogspot template 2017 for your site its a WordPress like a theme.


Demo Soloris  –  Download Soloris


Live Demo Video For Faster Blogger template

Here we are sharing a Video with Google insight speed tool, You can see our demo video,

Their we are testing our one another site, and we found 100% user experience  If you have any doubt then watch the video and test it with yourself. It’s also the best design,

Watch YouTube Video For Test These Template Speed

You can get it free, fast loading also responsive for all screen with the latest coding.

If you have any suggestion on more faster blogger template with highly SEO Optimization, or tips for optimizing a blogger template,

Then just suggest us, If you have any copyright issue on shared link or you wanna remove it, then just ask us.

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