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Top 10 Highest Google adsense Earners in the world 2016

Adsense earner in the world does not fix every year we are seeing new top 10 Adsense earner list. After giving 2016 report today we are sharing with you World highest Google Adsense earner 2016, Make Money Using Google Adsense is one of the best ways for making money online. Higher earner list of publisher is very useful for schedule our future in blogging career, I am to say you just read their blogging career and follow them for better success,

You know more people just using blogging for their own personal blog, But after knowing more skills and getting day by day better success they just converting their business or career in blogging, So you must know about world top bloggers,Actually, make money online is not difficult, Now days many new boys and girls attracting in this field, before some time its not big source for making money but now everything directly or indirectly depend on the internet, because now days everyone wanna promote their business online through many platform like Google Adwords, Facebook Adwords and many other things, So now Adsense earning very fast increasing,  Let’s know more about Adsense think about it.

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top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a biggest monetization program which power by Google, If your application or blog is approved by Google for publish Adsense ads on your site, They will pay you pay per click, Means its a PPC network. It is the opposite part of Google Adwords, Google Adsense is really great way and also the first choice for earn money online, You can make money using your blog, your application and many other legal ways.

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This similar  monetization program like BuySellAds, or Yahoo media, Infolink, Chitika, But all are working with different way, This is paying on Pay per Click method, BuySellAds is paying you on selling spaces, paying you on page views, But this is most popular from all above.

How Can I Make Money Using Google Adsense

If you are thinking about choosing this platform for earning, then you can also choose it, To be continue before going deep in this topic, I wanna give you some info on making money using this, Yes You can earn using this, So for this first you must create a Blogspot or a custom domain blog,.

Just write some quality content, then Apply your blog or application to Google Adsense Team, If they think that your application is useful for people, Then they will give you its account and you can publish ads on your blog and enjoy earning day by day with more quality traffic.

List Of highest Google Adsense earners in the world 2016

Here is world’s most popular and Highest Adsense earner list, In this article we are sharing their Page rank, Page view, Daily earning, Monthly earning, Alexa rank, registered date and any useful information, Alexa rank is not fix so, For latest Alexa rank you can scan it related blog. So let’s know about worldwide highest earners information.

Courtney Rosen
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $soon
Daily Page Views: 38,210,000
[sociallocker] [/sociallocker]
Daily Unique Visitors: 4,770,000
Alexa Rank: 223
Registered In: 1999
Blog About – Online How to Stuff, how to guide web, Tutorials
2. Pete Cashmore
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $soon
Daily Page Views: 29,210,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,800,000
Alexa Rank: 290
Registered In: 2005
About: Tech, Technology, Daily lifestyle, business and world
3. Shawn Hogan
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $ soon
Daily Page Views: 26,210,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,200,000
Alexa Rank: 325
Registered In: 1999
About: World Biggest forum on  marketing, blogging and SEO guide,
4. Markus Frind
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $250,000/month
Daily Page Views: 26,100,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 3,300,000
Alexa Rank: 322
Registered In: 2000
About: Online dating around the world
5. Kevin Rose
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $soon/month
Daily Page Views: 15,200,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 1,900,000
Alexa Rank: 560
Registered In: 2000
About: Sharing blogs and contents
6. Michael Arrington
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $150,000/month
Daily Page Views: 13,100,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 2,100,000
Alexa Rank: 510
Registered In: 2011
About: New Technology
7. Perez Hilton
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Daily Unique Visitors: 1,110,000
Earning: $100,000/month
Daily Page Views: 8,210,000
Alexa Rank: 1035
Registered In: 2005
About: Celebrities activity
8. Jeremy Schoemaker
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $80,000/month
Daily Page Views: 410,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 70,000
Alexa Rank: 14960
Registered In: 2003
About: Skills to pay the bills
9. Amit Agarwal
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $50,000/month
Daily Page Views: 3,100,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 390,000
Alexa Rank: 2733
Registered In: 2007
About: Technology Blog
10. Pankaj Agarwal
top 10 highest Google adsense earners in the world 2015 image photo
Earning: $20,000/month
Daily Page Views: 1,900,000
Daily Unique Visitors: 230,000
Alexa Rank: 4500
Registered In: 2003
About: Buying and Selling Ads

Final words on Top Adsense Earner

Friends, These data, we are collected from many sources like many popular blog articles and their official earning reports, Maybe in future they will earn more or less, If you find that any information now not updated, Than please  inform us, We will trying to update your useful information in our article, Finally thanks for reading this and for more info and updated list of Google Adsense earner of 2016 keep coming.

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