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Top Best Smartphone 2016 with top Android Mobile Review

Best smartphone 2016 and also Best smartphone 2016 collection with best android mobile phone review today we are sharing with you. We are now living in a modern world,

It will be not wrong if I say that we are currently living in Smartphone world because the number of Smartphone users are increasing on the daily basis and most of the internet users browse the internet through such android devices. As there is the huge market of these devices and demand among the users, therefore competition among top brands and companies will also be higher.

Picking up the right device depends upon the user needs such as screen size, camera megapixels, and best features along with better battery life. So keeping all these things in mind, Android smartphones are leading among all the other devices.

So we have decided to write about the best android Smartphone devices of 2016 that you should need to buy. But before getting started, it is good idea to know about buying guide to help you when purchasing your new device.

Top Best smartphone 2016

• The very first thing that you should need to keep in mind is that how much money you want to spend on your device, every year new phones are coming and prices of previous devices are decreasing which makes users buy those products at cheaper prices.

If you are worried about your budget to spend, then you should need to buy some good Smartphone device of the previous year at the good price. But if you can afford latest devices, then you should need to go with latest mobile for enjoying their new features.

• Another thing to keep in mind when buying new Smartphone device is what Smartphone size you prefer, most the users prefer mid-size based phones that can play games and can provide the better experience when watching videos. So android devices of 4.5-5.5 inches will be a good choice for you.

• Another thing you should need to consider is what sort of features are offered by the Smartphone you are interested in buying, can it handle the games you want to play or you can easily be able to watch videos on it and how better performance it can provide to the users, battery lifetime also plays vital role. So you have to know about all these things before going to buy your new android device.

Top Best smartphone 2016 Best Android Mobile Review

Hope now you have got better idea about the best Smartphone buying tips, so without wasting any time let’s get started to this guide and have a look at these best smartphones of 2016 to purchase for starting using from this year.

Samsung galaxy edge

Samsung Finally has released their latest android device which came up with awesome design and it gives a glorious look to the user build up with colored metal beneath, improvements are not only done from the exterior but also Samsung has managed to improve the battery life and performance as well.

The best advantage or feature of Samsung galaxy edge is its improved camera which is really awesome and you can capture high-quality photos through this glorious device. As this android mobile phone is a little bit expensive for most of the users, so we recommend you to buy Samsung galaxy edge device.

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Samsung galaxy edge


LG G3 was best leading Smartphone last year and this year it is replaced with LG G4 which comes up with amazing features.

We can say that this Smartphone is competing able with Samsung Galaxy s6 not only because of camera but also performance and good battery life as well. LG G4 has a microSD slot and it also has 32GB internal storage when the device is purchased. Another great advantage of LG G4 is that it seems to be cheaper when comparing with Samsung galaxy s6.

Google Nexus 5x

Well, most of you guys know that Google Nexus devices are already popular among android mobile phone users, and this year Google Nexus 5x is another best Smartphone device for the bucks that you can purchase because of better camera results and performance.

It can’t compete with Sony Xperia Z5 compact but you can try this Smartphone to enjoy the same features offered by Xperia z5 compact at cheap price.

Sony Xperia Z5 compact

If you are pretty much interested in tablet size screen devices, then Xperia Z5 compact is recommended the device for you. It has 4.5 inches bright and lovely screened along with 20 MP camera which is awesome for taking stunning photos. Batter life is also good and another best feature is that this device is IP68 water resistance.

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Sony Xperia Z5 compact

Final Verdict on Top smartphone 2016

So this is all about the best Smartphone 2016 that you can buy in this year and these seem to be best offers for the money. Hope this collection will help you to choose your new android mobile phone, if you have any other suggestions regards such android mobile phone devices, feel free to let us know in comments and we will add them into our guide.

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