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Biggest Top 10 Most Popular websites in world 2017

Top 10 Most Popular websites in the world most visited top 10 most popular websites in the internet world and largest and biggest website in the world.
As we know that Best Websites in the really interesting to enjoy the internet and after writing the post about 10 Best Funny Website name 2017 now we are talking about the world most popular websites with popularity and many other useful reviews.
As you know, some sites were giving something advance and also amazing features for their users.
They are taking best place I top a list of favourite websites. In every category one, some websites are accessible, Like if you search Top Social Media Sites Today,
Then you will see results of social media sites likes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other like this. Similar like that if you search for another category, then you will see different results in a different group.
But here we are talking about the world which means the world most favourite websites. So its included all classes and all are awesome and more liked by peoples.
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Biggest Top 10 Most Popular websites in world 2015 image photo

Largest or Biggest Websites on the Internet World

Biggest or Largest websites both are same. You know that there are many websites you can see on the net.

All are different from other and all trying to share something best for their users. But these are similar sites and no more large just updating some post or article for users and done.

But here we are talking about world biggest websites, and you know that world largest or most prominent websites do not depend on post or article share for readers. They are giving you something unique or special features to their users.

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Mostly world’s biggest coming from social networking categories. Here below all described websites are most major in the world. For example,

If you talk about Google, then you will find that very most significant part of Internet. Internet world also depends on these search engines, and Google is only a search engine.

But its many products like Adsense, Play Store, Google Plus, Google business, Google map and many parts which called Google product making its world biggest sites. So let’s know all world biggest websites.

Most Popular websites in India

India the second most major country in the world. Here is every company trying to start their business. You can say it the eCommerce country which can grow your business more.

Most Popular websites in directly and indirectly affected to Indian visitors. So it is also very useful to know about India’s most famous. After Google in India, social sites and eCommerce sites are very popular. Indian people always like to know latest news updates.

So, here news websites also more popular than Shop and lets’ know India’s most famous.

Here we are talking about Top Most Visited Indian

– Its most popular websites in India.  DomainIt in 1996 was more famous for latest news updates of India.

     – Its new launched 2007 but getting. It is an eCommerce website for online purchasing.
Rediff     –  Very popular site in India. It has many products like Rediff mail, Rediff song, Rediff and other most liked.
Quicker   –  New favourite eCommerce websites which launched in 2008. It has good Indian Alexa rank which is 16.
  –  Latest launched the website of India. It was started in 2010 but getting with 20 Indian Alexa rank. – It’s also popular and oldest websites. It is like a job search engine. It has the high amount of subscribers.

Top 10 Most Popular Websites in The world 2016 with Traffic

Top ten list gets updated in every year. It will update time to time. Everyone look for the best place for top ten things.

But getting listed world’s top websites is not easy for everyone and top position of the world called amazing. So in top list websites, you will not see any more new names. Let’s read more about this and get it.

Google Google is small for search internet queries. But there are many things which making Google world biggest. As you know that Google is a search engine and also has many countries wise sub-search engines.

Mountain View, CA, United States of America is the main Headquarter of Google and also have many sub Headquarters for every country. Menlo Park, California, United States, founded this on September 4, 1998. Now, Larry Page is the CEO of this website.

Google had launched many websites and apps for enjoying the internet in which popular ones are Google Maps, Adsense, Google Plus which is also a Popular Top Social Media Sites Today,

Google store and many others. These all are well known Google product. Some Google product is very impressive. For example, Google Adsense where you can  Make Money Using Google Adsense.

Many analytic reports also showing it on top. It has one global Alexa rank with high page rank 9, and in most countries, it is on top position. For example, in the United States,

It is on top and also in India it is on top 5 sites positions. Every internet user fully knows about this great search engine. Most people start their browser with this. So there is no doubt that Google is king of websites.
Page Rank  – 9                     Alexa Rank – 1                        Estimated Traffic – 1,100,000,000 Monthly

Facebook – Facebook is the second biggest and popular website in the world. It is also one of the top websites in social networking sites. It’s most liked everywhere in the world, and people love this, so they are daily using this.

Due to higher actives users, it was banned in some countries like China. On February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg founded this for chat college friends and make college networks.

But this formula got popularity day by day and now it is spreading everywhere in the world.

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Biggest Top 10 Most Popular websites in world 2015 image photo

Facebook is a biggest social website. You can sign up with any valid email and now you can sign up with your mobile number. All age users use it, but mostly it’s using by youngsters.

You can share your emotions with pictures, text and with videos. Also, you can connect with your friends with chat also video chat.

Now Facebook is not only a social networking site. Now it is a biggest online business promotion platform. Using Facebook page, you can promote your business easily.

Facebook was also providing many analytic tools like Insight Facebook to target your business and trace your business online everywhere in the world. You can use its free and paid services like page promotions or post promotions.
Page Rank  – 9                     Alexa Rank – 2                        Estimated Traffic – 900,000,000 Monthly

YouTube – Google was launched many websites for enjoying the internet. It is called Google product. There are many Google products, but Google map and YouTube is most popular in the world and also people using daily on free time.

YouTube is the best thing Google for watch anything legal means without porn and unsocial videos. It’s the best platform fun and learn everything; You can search anything which you learn.

Biggest Top 10 Most Popular websites in world 2015 image photo

YouTube is the best platform to share your made or different videos. Now you can easily upload your videos with sign up using Google account or Gmail account.

Now you can earn money using your videos with putting Adsense ads. If you have excellent videos which can grab more visitors you can make more money easily without doing any more work.
Page Rank  – 9                     Alexa Rank – 3                        Estimated Traffic – 1,000,000,000 Monthly

Yahoo – Yahoo similar like Google but its product are limited. Now it is also increasing their services day by day. Now Yahoo, Bing and Microsoft are combined to work on new projects.

Now more strongest, Yahoo giving many services like Yahoo Mail, Finance, directories, Business directories. It’s also an old website like Google which founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang, David Filo.

Page Rank  – 9                     Alexa Rank – 4                        Estimated Traffic – 750,000,000 Monthly

Wikipedia This is something different website but very popular all around the world. If you need any topic information with the brief, then you can try Wikipedia.

Anyone can post here using create if he has unique information about that topic. You can get worldwide any subject information easily. Jimmy Wales founded it.

Page Rank  – 9                     Alexa Rank – 6                       Estimated Traffic – 475,000,000 – Monthly
Amazon – Its worldwide individual an American world biggest eCommerce website which founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Now it is getting more popularity in the also in India.
You can enjoy online shopping using Amazon easily also safe. You can use its official apps with better navigation and
Amazon’s main rise in Seattle, Washington.
Page Rank  – 8                     Alexa Rank – 12                       Estimated Traffic – 500,000,000 – Monthly
Twitter –  Twitter is second biggest social networking site after Facebook. Before Facebook, it was on top in the social networking sites category but day by day Facebook and other new social sites is getting Twitters users.
On this social site, you can share pictures, text and videos. It was founded by Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone in 2006 in San Francisco, California, United States.
Page Rank  – 10                    Alexa Rank – 9                        Estimated Traffic – 290,000,000 Monthly
Bing – Bing is a search engine by Microsoft, Yahoo and Bing combined, so it’s going more popular. It also had many search engines like Bing Maps, Bing Image search, and many others.
Now Yahoo and Bing starting like Google Adsense which means the Ad monetizing program for webmasters.
Page Rank  – 9                     Alexa Rank – 25                       Estimated Traffic – 285,000,000 Monthly – It is also like Amazon.
eBay is a comprehensive multinational eCommerce website which is popular for buy and sells anything quickly through online.
Now it’s getting more popular in every country. Its founder is Pierre Omidyar and founded on September 3, 1995.
Page Rank  – 8                     Alexa Rank – 23                       Estimated Traffic – 285,000,000  Monthly

– At the last position, we are giving to MSN which is like a News website but providing much information for their users.
You can get all information about latest weather updates news, sports, entertainment and much other information using this site.
Page Rank  – 8                     Alexa Rank – 36                       Estimated Traffic – 280,000,000 Monthly

Conclusion on World top Ten Popular Websites

If you read this complete article, then you will find that world top popular owner was coming to the USA. So, we can say it that America is a real hub of biggest websites which means biggest developer are an American.

We are trying to share and complete information about most popular websites and maybe if you have any suggestion then just suggest us. We hope you will enjoy this article.

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