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How Can I Make Money Using Google Adsense Step to Step Guide

How to Make Money online using Google Adsense using a blog or website or without a Blog or website this question many people want to remove,
Most people start  blogging for make money using a Blogspot blog or any other blog, So nowadays most are trying to get Genuine Full Approved Adsense Account for Monetisation,
There are many other accounts for this; You can also approve their account but if you want more and the positive result from all other then use a Google Adsense account.

Make Money using Google Adsense is no more difficult, Its most attractive thing is that it’s totally free, and anyone can participate this ad monetization program,

If you see Top 10 Google Adsense earner of India and the world, then you can feel amazing,

Because they are earning daily highest money without no more work,

So if you want also to participate in this biggest online monetization program, then you must know some Google policies and instruction for make long relation with Making Money.

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Can I Make Money with Google Adsense without a Blog or Site

Before some time you can’t make money without a blog or website using Google Adsense account, But now you can earn,

Many people don’t know that now Google giving many platforms for monetization their ads,

Before some time it was limited on website, but now you can also use Adsense account on YouTube channel,

I will show more guide about How to use YouTube to make money, So if you don’t know more about blogging features like SEO, content writing and many others don’t worry just use YouTube to make money as a part-time.

Earn money without a blog is very easy, but it’s no more efficient, Suppose if you are using YouTube for Adsense then you must need something attractive or viral videos,

On the website, people quickly attract on ads and Adsense working on Pay per click system,

But On YouTube people no more attracting on Ads, So trying to share viral video and get more impressions.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is the world biggest Advertising program which runs by Google; You cab says it its a very easy way for making money online without investing money,

This program allows approved publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic video, text, image or any other advertiser interactive media advertisements.

If you follow Google policies, then you can easily approve its account and make money easily.

Make Money using YouTube with Adsense

Nowadays its very easiest way, More newbie also trying this, If you have your video like, Funny videos,

Your Tutorials, home made videos which can grab people and many others,

But you can’t share porn, hacking related stuff, spam tips and tricks, Harmful videos. So if you wanna enjoy YouTube earns then just follow us and first approve Adsense account on YouTube.

How To Approve Adsense on YouTube Account

Approving Adsense on a Website is too hard, but on YouTube channel its very comfortable, because on YouTube channel Google giving limited policies which can quickly follow by us,

First, you must create a Gmail Account.

After than just create a YouTube Channel.

Just Upload some different your made videos.

After than just Go Account Monetization link.

Now click on YouTube Features. And Enable I

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Then just click on Magnetization and enable it.

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Then you will be redirected to the page of  Adsense Sign Up.

You could go directly clicking on Magnetization if you were not redirected.

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Just Feel your info with Street level address.

In 24 hours you will get Hosted Adsense  Account Approval mail.

To make more money upload more viral video and enjoy it.

These ads work only on Google partner sites like Blogspot and YouTube.

Forget Full Adsense account; you must try the custom domain site.

Make Money Using Google Adsense Using Blogspot Blog

If you have good knowledge in blogging and if you wanna earn more without investing any money, means without your internet bill.

Then you must use Blogspot. Blogspot is Google Hosted Domain, it’s fully free, but it will show.Blogspot with your domain name.

If are you know on blogging then you must use this way. I think most blogger first starting from this platform.  Then first create a Blog.

First, create a Blogger Blog Using Gmail from

After than just create a Blog and start posting,
Add all pages and make your blog clean.
The post above 20 different article and grab some traffic.
Then just click on Earning tab and sign up for Adsense.
You can read more info for Adsense approval from our blog post.
Then just put the ad on your site and get more organic traffic.

Now done, after 100$ Adsense will send you payment and enjoy.

Tips and tricks for Approval  Adsense account

Here are some tips, Before applying you must read for better and positive results: –

  • Use Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Template.
  • Make your site clean and remove unwanted more widget.
  • Write 20 article with 600+ words and add Heading subheadings.
  • Trying to write a new topic and also unique content.
  • Add three related best high quality and compressed image in every post.
  • Blog Age is not making an issue in Blogspot domain.
  • Don’t write hacking, phone and spam post.
  • Add all pages like about us, site map, Privacy policy.
  • Give right info about you when you apply.
  • After approved don’t click on your ads.

If you follow above all things sure you will get approved account, For the more positive result, you must read our full article on approval.

YouTube Video For make Money using Adsense


How Much I Can Earn money from Google AdSense

Finally, if you thinking about this that you many dollars you can receive using an Adsense account?,

Then wanna clear that you can earn unlimited dollars with this program, For more earn you must build as site Google friendly and also try to grab more organic traffic,

So always trying to make your site more useful for peoples, After then watch result you will see that you can make money using a Google Adsense account more and more.

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  19. Deepak says:

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