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MadMimi vs GetResponse Review: The Two Big Giants in Email Marketing Industry

With the advent of technology, new ways of marketing have been developed. Marketing through email is becoming a prominent way to popularize your company or brand.

It is becoming a major business driver in current internet industry.

Effective ways have been developed to enable companies to market their products, plans or ideas.

It is important for the industry to adopt best marketing methods to improvise their business and growth.

 MadMimivs GetResponse Marketing reviw

Two critical marketing tools which are available in the market are MadMimi and GetResponse.

Both these toolsare usedfor helping companies to market their ideas and capture customers.

With the help of these two tools, companies marketing doesn’t require any guesswork but gives them a proper approach by which they can look ahead to adopt marketing campaigns.

Know about MadMimi

     MadMimivs GetResponse Review

MadMimi is a popular email marketing tool which has been able to make mark in the industry. The tool has been able to connect companies with customers.

The tool focuses on providing a viable email marketing solution by which customers can be connected to company.

There are various appealing features in this tool that has attracted eyes of many companies. Some of the features offered by this tool are mentioned below.

· MadMimi offers range of choices to its customers by offering different newsletter templates which can also be customized as per requirement. Customers can customize by choosing drag and drop editing option to improve attractiveness.

· Also there is an option to connect through various social media options such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

· The key feature is Auto-responder system which sends a welcome note to the newly signed member.

· There is a check available which allows the customers in human reader format that avoids blocking of your emails through email filter.

· With the help of performance reports, customer can check how email marketing is happening using this tool.

· Also it is possible to integrate Google Analytics in order to get better results.

 MadMimivs GetResponse Review

Know about GetResponse

GetResponse is quickly becoming first hand choice for companies which depend heavily on promotion and branding through email marketing.

The tools have received a great response in email marketing industry as it has helped companies to drive business while helping them become a brand.

It helps the companies to build professional marketing campaigns while also providing tools and information for reaching target audience more effectively.

The product is quickly becoming major business driving force for companies as they look towards adopting email marketing plans.

There are various options which can help keep the customers informed about latest updates and other critical company launch via emails.

Also there are lots of personalization options available in the tool which enables companies to check whether emails are delivered to customers or not.

 MadMimivs GetResponse Review email marketing

· Various customized options are given in the custom fields of GetResponse that enables keeping a separate list of contacts and email ID,

who do not wish to keep email campaigns or follow up.

· It is an important introduction in marketing tool as the feature enables bars from sending unwanted messages to certain contacts who don’t wish to be disturbed.

Basically it helps you to keep a suppression filter that helps company keep pool of names and contacts that wish to be barred.

· Another critical feature of GetResponse is that it helps keep track of how many clients open mails, unsubscribe to your emails, click on links and post an objection or complain.

It also keeps track of email ID’s where email is not delivered due to several possible reasons.

· One can also keep track of why certain client unsubscribe email and also gives information about at what time customers access emails and how many people visit website through email marketing campaigns.

All this information is kept is displayed in the form of pie charts and bar graphs which helps keep track of going trends.

· Another crucial feature of GetResponse is that it helps in providing proper support channel for the companies along with video tutorials, frequently asked questions, learning and webinars along with chat and email support.

· One of the crucial features of this tool is that it offers technical support over chat and email which is better compared to MadMimi.

Live chat feature and 24×7 on call support are some of the impressive services offered by GetResponse which clearly keeps the tool above MadMimi in terms of handling after sales support.

 MadMimivs GetResponse Review

GetResponse vs MadMimi: The Points of Difference

1. Design:MadMimi offers around 100+ design templates while GetResponse offers more than 350 designs and templates.

2. Interface: GetResponse has more user friendly interface which is well suited for both large scale and small scale companies

3. Spam checking: One of the key differences in GetResponse compared to MadMimi is that GetResponse offers its own spam checking tool which avoids sending spam mails to customers where it is lacking in MadMimi.

4. Reports: For each of the newsletters and emails sent, both the tools offer complete detailed report of performance.

5. Auto responder: Both MadMimi and GetResponse have auto-responder integration facility that enables the customers to send a welcome email when a customer adds subscription or chooses to subscribe to newsletter.

6. Contact Management: One can export the list of contacts using any of the tools. So this feature is present in both the tools.

7. Price Comparison: Minimum subscription list of 500 contacts is charged around 10 dollars by MadMimi while in order to get services from GetResponse, one can choose a minimum package of 15 dollars monthly charge for a list of around 1000 subscribers which can also be extended anytime.

8. Customer Support: One of the biggest differences in GetResponse and MadMimi is the tech support offered by companies.

MadMimi offers on call support but the support offered by GetResponse has been appreciated by many users.

The company has been able to satisfy its customers with excellent support services compare to other competitors in the market.

Final Verdict on MadMimi and GetResponse

MadMimi and GetResponse have received a good rating overall but there are certain features in which GetResponse gets the edge over MadMimi like range of templates,

spam checking tool and customer care services.

GetResponse has set a new mark in the banding world with its efficient email marketing tool.

Not only email marketing services, GetResponse also offer tools to design landing pages and create webinars. It is a fully fledged tool designed for complete branding of your product.

If you are looking to buy a proficient tool then you should surely go for GetResponse over MadMimi. The services offered are fabulous and full of worth.

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