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How To Write a Blog Post and Make Money Online

How To Write a Blog Post for make money using a best blog tips and tricks can help you in start best blog. So write successful with SEO blog post your must all basic to advance tips and writing skills, Interesting thing is that around 77% internet user’s reads blogs on the internet, around 6.7 million people are webmasters and bloggers and around 12 billion people blog through various social networks. From internet marketer point of view,

Blogging is essential part of the jobs but it doesn’t seem to be easy as you need to do some hard work.Every time we came up with interesting and unique topic to write about, optimizing it for search engines and then following the different important steps for better optimization to attract readers and organic traffic. As I already said above that more than 6.7 billion people are webmasters/bloggers and in order to stay in the competition, we should need to be original and work hard on our blog to rank it better.

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Tips for How To Write a Blog Post

You might also know that every blog post topic is totally different from another, in this article we are going to share some of the best and essential steps to perform or follow that can lead you to become a successful blogger. Have a look at all of these steps mentioned below:

Understanding your audience
Before you are going to start writing something, the very first thing that you should need to do is to understand your audience. What kind of information or guides or tutorials they want to read on your blog or search engine for reading them. What will let them read your content again and again? Try considering the information based topics that will help them to increase their knowledge. In short words we can say that write about those topics about which your readers want you to share that specific kind of information.

Try to start with a topic as well as working title for better SEO

Before you are going to start article writing, the very first thing to keep in your mind is to find out some kind of topic for your new blog post. Suck kind of topic seems to be general but in other words your topic should be unique and you need to provide working title. Now you might be thinking that what’s might be the different between a topic and working title? The answer is that Topic is always general but working title is always about some specific guide or tutorial etc. Try to use some unique and original topic for better ranking and getting more blog readers.

Must Write an Intro
Try to grab reader’s attention in the first paragraph of the article because if you are failed to get readers attention in first two paragraphs, then they will not be going to read your article. So it is always a good idea to tell your readers in starting paragraphs that what exactly you are going to share or explain with them in that specific post. This will force you readers to keep reading your article and also given them a connection on improving their work easily.
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Organize the content properly for  Write a Blog successful blog

Sometimes bloggers and webmasters write the detailed and information guide but they failed to get readers attraction towards their content just because of not organizing their content properly. Always try to organize your content properly through adding tips, lists, or sections etc. In order to complete it you will need to outline your article. Because whenever you will be going to write new article or post, you will have the idea that what exactly points you are going to cover in that specific article or post.

Writing the content and Fix formatting

Now once you are done with organizing your content properly it’s time for your to start writing the content properly. After outlining your content, it’s time for your to complete the post. Try to use outline as your main idea of posts and take maximum advantage of it. Write what exactly you are feeling comfortable to share or talk with readers about that specific topic which you are writing. Try to do some additional research and find out more information and add to your content for more help of readers.

Also one more thing you need to know is that nobody loves to read the ugly content because only a formatting and organized post is read by the visitors or blog readers and forces them to read related content as well. Once you are done with it, you will then need to add Meta description of your post and try to write it between 150-160 maximum characters and make it look natural. At the end of post, you will also need to add content related tags and also need to add suitable category related to your content.

Optimize your content for On-Page SEO forNow once you have finished writing the whole article, it’s time for you to properly optimize your content for on-page SEO. Try to make your content look natural and worthy for readers so that they love to read your guides in the future as well.

Make Money using Your best Blog Post

Make Money Online now days popular query on the internet, Now days people first need is money, So everyone trying to make money using anyways, You know that now days most people giving there more time to internet, So their people also trying to make money, Today we are talking about making money by writing by blog or bog post, Yes its also a best way,

If you are a best writer then Adsense giving many opportunities for Monetisation platform, For Make Money Using Google Adsense, first you must create a blog, After create a blog just apply your blog to Google Adsense for participate in Adsense Monetisation program, If your content is useful and also follow Adsense policies, Then They will approve your account and they will give you  Adsense publisher account. Just publish their ads and make money,

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There are many others ways for make money using blog like, Buysellads, Chittika, info links and also direct advertising and many others, Actually, Your earning depend on your blog page view, So Trying to write best and useful content which can attract more people for visit your blog.

Any Suggestion for write best Blog

So this was a detailed guide on how to write a blog post properly. I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide and found it useful for you. If you have any useful information and tips for write best blog post then please suggest us, We will try to add your best suggestion in our article.If you have any queries or suggestions regards this article, feel free to ask in comments section below.

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