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How to Approve Yahoo Media Net Account with Requirement & Tips

7How to get Approved Yahoo Media.Net Account or How to get Bing media ads account with Requirement completing their needs. After Approved Adsense Account in 2 Months.

Now you can try for Getting Approved BuySellAds Account and Yahoo ads services for making money using this.

So first you must know about Requirement and tips and tricks for approval a account.Recently we also Approved our site by completing their terms of Services,

Today we are sharing our experience of getting Bing media account with you.

There are many other tips and tricks which also can help you to increase your earning If you have more advertiser account on your site.

Then you can get more money using your blog, We also approved all biggest sponsor companies like Adsense, BuySellAds,, Infolinks and many others, Let’s read more about this and get it.

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How to Approve Yahoo Media Net Account with Requirement and Tips Image photo is Best Alternative Adsense

If you are enabling to approve the Google Adsense account and you want to earn money,

then I am suggesting you for Media .net account; It’s also the best alternative of Adsense,

I think it’s also difficult of approval from Adsense,

because Adsense we can get in little traffic but its need high-quality USA and Canada traffic and also good Alexa rank.

So similar like BuySellAds is also hard for approval but not impossible, If you have organic traffic by 7 to 8% the USA or Canada traffic,

Then you can quickly approve this; Sometimes they also send your request for use Yahoo media ads account. Means they are also noticing best sites for making their partner,

So if you have good Alexa rank, then they will send you a request without sending you any request.  So use this also with Google Adsense for more money from your traffic.

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How to Approve Yahoo Media Net Account with Requirement Tips Image photo

Yahoo Media Net Account Never Block Like Adsense

Yahoo or Bing  Media account never blocked like Google Adsense, You know it’s working with different style, means Google Adsense are working with pay per click systems, and it’s working with page view,  So it’s entirely different from Adsense,

You know that Adsense account can block easily because Google was giving many great policies for use it, After following all policies many time accounts are blocked, but is right, Account block fear never find with this.

How to Getting Approve Media.Net Account

Media.Net Account is not hard; Most are thinking that Adsense is hard and some are thinking that it’s hard,

But I believe that it’s more hard from Adsense but, It depends on search traffic so, I can tell you that for me, It’s very easy,

Means Wright some best article and get high-quality traffic on your site, Then just send it, Sure they will give you a positive result.

Mainly its depend on westbound country traffic and also quality search result of your site.

So trying to write the Western topic article and also improve your site’s Alexa.

There are many tips and tricks for this; You can consider all one by one for better and faster results.

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How to Approve Yahoo Media Net Account with Requirement Tips Image photo

Requirement with Tips and Tricks For Yahoo Media.Net Account Approval

So if you want to get Media.Net Account then follow some easy instruction: –

Top Level Domain Name – This is the first requirement for all Advertiser account If you see tips and tricks for Adsense, BuySellAds and some others,

Then you will see they first need TLD, Everyone not like to show (approve) their ads on low level domain like Blogspot, Pk and any other,

So you must get .COM or similar like this Org or Net domain.

Unique and Quality Content – For a get best place on Google search result, You must write Unique and Quality Content, Google and other Advertiser also love this,

If you have Good returning visitor and people giving more time to your post then it’s showing your content is more useful for peoples,

It’s also like, So you must write fresh ideas with unique content with unique title articles.

Domain Age 4 months – there is no right time or domain age for approval,

We just get in 4 months; Some are asking six months, but many webmasters also getting positive result in 2 months,

So I think it’s now affecting for approval, You can send from the Approval Yahoo Media.Net account after three months with good traffic.

High Organic Search Engine Traffic – For this, you must need minimum above 1000 page view with the USA, UK and Canada traffic,

We were approved our account on 4k traffic with good Alexa rank,

Alexa Rank – It’s not directly affecting, But for better understand you must improve your site’s Alexa rank,

Alexa rank was also showing the quality of the site, So it can help to find out about your site quality, You can try when you get below 80k Alexa Rank.

Add all page like Contact us, About Sitemap and us –  Your site should be complete, Before sending your site to yahoo or bing media network,

Every network not likes the uncomplete site.

Remove other Ads when applying – This also a top level ads network, So if are you using low-quality ads then remove first all, You can apply for Google Adsense and buy sell ads Ads.

Video Tutorial for Yahoo Media Net Account Approval Tips Here is a small video tutorial which showing you are some sites which also have Yahoo media network account, You can see a video for better understand.

Video Tutorial For Yahoo Bing Ads account Approval 


Friends, this is our personal experience, which we got on approval Yahoo media ads network on our blog, If you follow these requirements and tips and tricks for Bing or account approve, You will sure get it.

\If you have any particular instruction which can improve this guide, then just suggest us.

So I hope your question How can I or How to get Approved Yahoo Media Net or Bing media account cleared. For More account information, you can visit their Official page for TOS, thanks

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    Thank you for the nice tip to “Approve Yahoo Media Net Account”. I think the most important thing is to build a website with good quality content first, then apply the account.

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