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Grooveshark mobile app for your Android Smartphone Free

Grooveshark mobile app also very popular, Today we are sharing all about grooveshark mobile,  Here is the interesting news for music lovers.

The official Android app (application) for Grooveshark has become active. Earlier we do not have this on the Google play store.

Before coming of this app, the alternate Android apps to play music from groove shark. These apps will compatible to the android phones and android tablets. We are providing the tips to use the Grooveshark mobile on the smart android phone.

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Grooveshark mobile app

Download Groove shark @ Google Play Store

Some users may have confusion towards downloading the ‘grooveshark’ app. Here we are providing some tips regarding the downloading of this app.

It is very easy to retrieve the app from Google store. We can open this app on the official web link of groove shark. The official link is

By the above link, users must have allowed to download the app on your android mobile phone. But the only problem with this official app link is ‘music streaming is not free’.

But we can enjoy the free internet FM/radio stations.

So to get the free internet music streaming, we have another web link for web browser for dolphin. Install dolphin plug in on the desktop.

The plug in for dolphin can able to interact with the desktop that will be viewed from grooveshark. After completion of this process, we can browse the free music and videos without internet from the app.

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Grooveshark mobile app

Grooveshark Html5

Did you hear the news about the new HTML-based grooveshark?

Yes you are right it is available. Click on the official Html5 link of groove shark on your mobile. Then you will find the new user interface Html5 version of the app.

As we know that the grooveshark is a one of the most famous music streaming app/site.

It is free in desktops cum laptops because it is available for free of cost using the HTML5 web based interface. IPod is famous for listening music but here another thing is ‘grooveshark’.

HTML5 app may be not works properly if you close the window. But our is keep track the music even if you close the safari. If you have any doubts regarding this just check it on

Grooveshark mobile app

Grooveshark come up with some interesting offers. Up to now there is no free music for the normal account/registered Grooveshark people. Only upgraded account holders can only eligible to enjoy the free music.

Now Grooveshark is releasing the application for smart phones that will work on any phone and the advantage is that people does not need the premium account to enjoy the music.

The problem with old Grooveshark is we must login into the official site to obtain the basic music and to listen the advanced and favorite music. We must have to take the premium account.

Interface of this is simple awesome. Simple download option is provided at the top level of the site. Search the famous songs on the Grooveshark is completely user friendly and user flexible.

If you want particular list of the song, select those particular songs and create your own playlist for that. Otherwise click on favorite symbol that was existed on the side corner of the song display.

Grooveshark for Mobiles

The streaming is used for mainly streaming the music. Before version the quality of music is not good. Coming to the new version the quality of the music is simply good and awesome. This is troublemaker to get the songs from the every nook and corner.

Earlier grooveshark consists of various songs but not in a proper order whereas the new advanced grooveshark has the best and quality features and easy to operate compared to older version.

The people felt disgusting about the older version of this but this new version overcomes all the drawbacks that are existed in the older version of the application for android mobile phones.

This new featured app is designed specially o make user happy and to make user friendly. The user interface for this grooveshark is quite good and awesome compared to the older version of the grooveshark.

The interesting news is the grooveshark is banned for the android market and appstore. But this can be not true,

because it is available in the Google play store. one important thing is most of the mobile users operating system is android. Some of the people having iPhone OS, some of them are Windows.

Those who are having the windows OS, they can easily download the grooveshark app from the Google palystore.

But there is the problem for the android OS people and Apps store OS install this app from android, they need to follow some guide lines provided above. The grooveshark app is facing some problems legally with the android market and app store.

Overview of Grooveshark 

Many of the people heard about the music app called ‘grooveshark’ which is popular for its name and after the big competition the app faced so many problems and it is not stands for a long time due to some legal problems.

After some years this app is come up with new and advanced features that should supports the android phones and laptops.

This app is also supports the android tablets also. For the faster days they are having some restrictions to use the facilities and listening to the songs.

They are having in a plan to gain the money, after revolution of apps. This app faced big competition in the market.

They are giving free songs up to some limit days, if anyone wants greater than that they are putted an option called, premier. At beginning most of the musiclovers addicted to this app.

After invention of another apps. The fame of the grooveshark is declined and finally the fame is fall down. But now the app is come up with mind blowing features and user flexible features.

This app consists of the user provided library. It is the biggest and highlighting strength of the Grooveshark application.

Music lovers always find the easy app and flexible app to operate. Many of the people now aware of this grooveshark application and these are providing all the basic features to find the good and quality music to the customers/users.

This feature is not available on the other application. This one and only feature makes this grooveshark into a famous and popular application in the music world. For example if anyone wants the particular album.

They need to find the search at the top of the application then they have to type the keywords for finding the album.

If you type proper name, it will process for some time and gives the results within short span of time.

For example if any user wants listening to a particular artist song. Just they have to type the name of his/her on the top of the application which consists of the search option.

Users must have to type the artist name properly after some time it will display all the results related to that particular artist. These are the most prestigious services provided by this new featured grooveshark application.

Features of this new Grooveshark app

The grooveshark app is having some advanced features compared to the old groove some premium app. You can search the Sony by artist or search by typing ‘album name’ or search by typing ‘letters in the song’ on the top of the application.

This app is very user friendly and easy to use. You may have seen the popular music of the day or popular music of the year and popular music of the week.

Grooveshark mobile free

Groove shark is famous for the music streaming. Now it is the good news for the people who want to see the grooveshark on your smart phone. People can enjoy this on Desktop or laptop by using HTML5 based app. but how can they expect this on smart phone.

If any music lovers want free and quality based music from this. They need to look at the below apps

Some of the official and unofficial grooveshark apps are works on the mobile/smart phone. ’TinyTunes’ is the new android based application created and designed by the TinyShark.

From this app we can easily download any quality of video/audio. This TinyShark app never uses the Grooveshark in any manner. TinyShark and TinyTunes are almost same in case of interface. The app is very user friendly.

About Grooveshark

It is the music streaming service of web based under control of Escape media group in United States of using this app user can watch videos and share videos.

Also users can share audio based files and they can upload video based digital files. This Grooveshark music site has search engine based streaming and musical system.

The music which is legally approved by the some organizations and government permissions those music and videos only allowed in other words copyright music only allowed to grooveshark website.

This Grooveshark app is not available in the iOS App store. But this app is available in the Cydia, Blackberry world and Google play store.

It is the predefined application in the Ubuntu touch. Due to some copy rights issue, Facebook and iOS app store are removed the ‘Grooveshark’ app from their platforms.

Due to the agreement among service, universal music group and Sony music entertainment is shut down for some time. This was happened on April 30 in the year 2015. The website is now redirecting to the ScoreBig’s website.

How to download and process Grooveshark app

We are providing some guidelines and suggestions to know about the process of downloading this app. if anyone not installed grooveshark app from Cydia. You can find this app by searching on the store. But it is costlier every time.

We need to pay some money to listen to the songs and download the alternative is grooveshark app for free of cost. For trail version it will provide 50 songs in older Grooveshark app.

if we want extra and famous albums we need to upgraded t premium account for to download the songs or to getsongs.

First of all collect the source file i.e. or .this xsellize is providing the free versions of the Cydia applications. You must have these apps i.e. UDID faker and I File. Finally, sign in to the grooveshark application.

The trail version is applicable for 14 days only. You need to follow the same process for every time. The trail version expires then you must have to do the same process to enjoy the music.

Steps involved are removing the grooveshark application, and then start UDID Faker and tap on to the UDID button appear on the top of the menu. Now open the I File and navigate by using the format i.e. /var/mobile/library/grooveshark.

Delete the file i.e. default key store list. Next restart the based android mobile. And login and get the free trial version of this.

Importance of Grooveshark app in mobiles

Musicis for to relaxing the mind and make mind into peace. Many of the people today everyone has the smartphones, laptops and desktops. The world becomes technological world.

Technology is boon for they society. If anyone wants to get relax. It is for mental stability. Most of the people prefer listening to music.

But today world is completely changed .earlier we used some old radios and music players. Now everything is available in the smart phones.

The smart phones completely changed the life of the human beings. About 80% people using cell phones.

Moreover many of the people have the android cell phones or smartphones. They are utilizing their phones effectively.

Before coming of android the cell, phone is just for chatting and phone calling but after revolution of android platform. The phase of the mobile phones or cell phones completely changed.

Android is open souse software, that provide all the flexible apps to decrease the time of the user and the performance of the work is also good for this android mobile.

The people who are having the mobile they may want to listen the songs. Up to21stcentuary the music players are inbuilt in the mobile. We need to maintain some memory card and we need to download the songs for listening to music.

After some revolutions, many people researched and founded the android online music apps. These apps are completely having all the songs that are existed all around the world.

The people who want to listen to those songs primarily they need to register and download and enjoy the music. But the limit is very low for the users.

If they exceed the particular number they need to enroll and they need to upgrade to premium account.

Our new advanced application called grooveshark is also following the same thing, but it was somewhat succeeded. Because of the competition the Grooveshark fame is degraded.

The other apps have some special benefits. But our grooveshark app will not take this problem as serious.

After some time team of this realized and finally they decided to change the user interface of this. They succeeded in that context.

They come up with new user interface. Here is again in the competition to provide the music for the music lovers.

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