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How to Get Genuine Full Approved Adsense Account in 2 Months 2017

How to Get Full Approved Google Adsense Account in 2 Months Means get genuine Adsense account or hosted to non-hosted account or how to get Genuine Full Approved Google Adsense account with genuine fast tricks more friends need,
Today we are  sharing with you best experience which follows all Google Adsense Genuine Full Approval policy and using that you can easily get fast in tow to three months,

Let’s know more about this great online earning part which provided by Google.As you know that there are no doubt that Google Adsense is world’s best Monetization way for earn money online using blogging and your application,

You know nowadays many Monetization companies appearing with us like as means Yahoo ads network, Infolink, Chitika ads, Buysellads and many other small Monetization companies you can see,

But if you will survey or if you read previous reviews of webmaster then, You will find that all webmaster like to free ads on their site. So think you want an also Adsense publisher, Then get it and enjoy it.

How Can I get a Genuine Google Adsense Account in 2Months 

Most people don’t that they approve Adsense can be approved in 2 months, If you search on net for site age for Genuine Full Approved AdSense approval,

then you will see that most are sharing 6 months, But we are saying that there is no one special instruction which asking site age must be six month,

As our experience, we are saying that you can Genuine Full Approved Adsense account in 2 months only. We also approved full genuine Adsense account in only 2 months without any hidden trick, Also with Google policies,

So don’t wait for 6 months you can get Adsense in 2 months only. You can also see many sites which are one year old also but still not approve full account, So don’t follow

So don’t follow the useless article, Just do right thinks and get full AdSense account in 2 month only without waiting six months without any tricks.

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Can I get Full Adsense or Genuine or  Non-Hosted Account on Blogspot

This question delicate to these users, which recently started blogging and don’t know more about this,

People are getting YouTube trick to get Genuine Full Approved Adsense account, But you know that is hosted account which provided by Google on YouTube and also on Blogspot,

If you will not approved full non-hosted or genuine account then your ads will work on .COM, If you don’t know about this then I wanna say you that,

You can’t get Full genuine Google AdSense account on Blogspot blog or site, For full non-hosted account, you must use custom domain on your blog.

Tricks or Policy For Adsense account Approval Hosted to non-Hosted

I think against Google no one trick work; You know Google know everything and he is master against all so don’t try useless tips and tricks, Always follow Google policies for better result,

If you want to Non hosted or Genuine Full Approved Google Adsense account, then follow these policies for providing by Google for India, Pakistan, Asian or also other countries.

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Approved Adsense Account in 2 Months 2015 image photo

Site Age must be 2 months  For Google Adsense approval – Most are asking that Fore genuine Adsense approval site age must be 6 month,

Some are telling 4 months and some are giving other duration, But as our experience we wanna say you that don’t wait for six months, Just try in 2 months. Site age no more considered by Google. Minimum 2 months is good for this also in 2 months you can do SEO, content and all.

Above 25 Article or Content with right Headings and sub-Heading   – Content is King this line you can see in many articles, Same here also affect your site article for approval Adsense account.

Your site must have 25 articles with 2 heading and 2 subheadings. You can add more heading and subheading.  Item size must be above 600 words. Thin content doesn’t like by Google.
Avoid useless content or any spammy contests on your blog, Always must avoid post on any hacks, unwanted tips and tricks which completed by against any policies,

Your content must be unique, Google Hat copied content and trying to give Unique Title to your articles.

Site Must be Clean, Fast Loading with Responsive For Google Adsense approval 

Site design also more effects Adsense genuine account genuine, Site must be fast,

You can test your site speed on Google speed insight, also use responsive design with fast loading and trying to avoid unwanted widget,  because the unwanted widget is making the site heavier.

Add social media – If you wanna useful result of genuine account approval in 2 months, then you must create a Google Plus page for your site,

Also, create your Google Plus profile and add their widget on your site, For better you can add Twitter and Facebook widget. Don’t add any popup like box in your blog.

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Avoid Tech Topic for India, Pakistan and all Asian – As you know that tech blog was making spam, Most are not following Google policies and sending their request for a Google Adsense account.

So if you are from Indian or Pakistan, you must avoid writing tech topic for getting Genuine Full Approved, You can use tech topic, but they must follow all steps or policies.

For Better Result Use.COM  custom domain – You can genuine or non-hosted account in any custom domain,

But .COM is better, Most are giving their experience with .COM domain. So the for the positive result, you must custom domain with.COM. After complete these policies, you can send it to Google for getting full not hosted genuine Google Adsense account.

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If you have any question and suggestion of Genuine Full Approved tricks and policies then just ask us by comment below, For more new updates keep suggesting and keep visit our blog.

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33 Responses to “How to Get Genuine Full Approved Adsense Account in 2 Months 2017”

  1. ridho tijan says:

    december regist on Googleads,but until this month google approve my site.

    • Mahendra says:

      I think you summition way is not right,
      First sign up with Adsense
      Then just Put a Ads Unite in Your site.
      Then apply, After then they will review and reply you in Three days, Keep follow Google policies for fast approval.

  2. Kashif says:

    Get Approved Hosted Adsense Account, just contact me: 03458962030

  3. Very good content,it is very informative

  4. nadia bajwa says:

    I got adsense account from youtube.But it is not showing ads on blogger.Guide me how to show ads with that account in blogger.

  5. Sabrez Alam says:


    Thanks for sharing the information that instead of 6 month 2 month is also ok for applying to Google Adsense.

    I am looking for Adsense approval and gonna use your tips.


  6. Udayanga says:

    i had been apply for adsense now i can able to log in to the adsense accounts but an unfortunately there are not showing ads in my blog site .i got an email from adsence below

    Please review your contact details.

    Hello from Google,

    On Mar 16, 2015, the payments contact information associated with your Google AdSense account was changed.

    If you’d like to review your payment address, follow these steps:
    Sign in to your AdSense account.
    Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of any tab, then, from the drop-down list, select “Payments”.
    In the sidebar, click Payee profile. Your payee profile contains your payment address.
    See you online,
    The Google Billing Team.

    How will fill this account proper way please help me

  7. atm zakaria says:

    Dear sir
    I already full file your all advise but now i am tired,i can not got it

  8. kashif says:

    bhai meri site 2 month old hai or main adsence approve karwana chata hun, plzzz help me?

  9. kashif says:

    220 artical bhe lagian hain. bhai meri site 2 month old hai or main adsence approve karwana chata hun, plzzz help me?

  10. kashif says:

    help me?

  11. please help me why my adsense account disabled , my site was

  12. sohanuzzaman says:

    Important post. But i wanna know what is the right policy of google adsence? can you tell me please ..

  13. Syed Shahbaz says:

    Thank you so much really helpful especially for beginners.

  14. adnan says:

    adsense account 4 ur blog or webiste… fully approved 100% only $50
    contact whatsapp, line, viber +923002633785

  15. Pranab Mistry says:

    Hello Mahendra….Thank you for sharing this valuable information regarding AdSense approval. It will help many to get approved.

  16. javed zour says:

    Learn all about google adsense…approval.

  17. sam says:

    Hi admin one man sell google adsens fully activated in my area he approved blogspot blogger in 18 days old how plz tel me this is trick

  18. desainavirs says:

    i am happy because i have account adsense

  19. Nadeem says:

    Get Adsense Account in pakistan for domains i sale normal adsense accounts for website fully approved just call me at 03365137651 1- I Will give you 110% Genuine Account

  20. diwali sms says:

    Hi admin one man sell google adsens fully activated in my area he approved blogspot blogger in 18 days old how plz tel

  21. samir khan says:

    i like your post thats very helpful especially for beginners.
    like me i am waiting for your next post

  22. sammyguide says:

    thank you for sharing the info, my adsense has been disapprove, i will try your concept , hope it works

  23. Deepa says:

    Thank you much for your advise.I tried for Adsense Approval still not approved. Should I applied again or need to have another site?

  24. Rokshan says:

    I HAVE BLOGGE ADSENS Account.But it is not working.have adcode emband.not show in to fix this ?m.

  25. Sruthi says:

    Hi Sir, I completed my $100 today. But still a red line is showing in my adsense account. I mention the text which is showing “We’re sorry, some data in this report is delayed, please try again later. There’s no impact to ad serving or payments”.
    Please tell me whats the solution of it. I really need it

  26. Imran Khan says:

    Well described to get fully approved adsense account. It’s going to help so many freshers.
    Thanks to sharing this essential post with us.
    Keep writing…

  27. Kavin says:

    Helpful article………..please help me to approve for my website

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