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Free Unblock Facebook proxy server sites List with unlocked Proxy Websites

Unblock Facebook proxy at school like YouTube using Facebook proxy sites now very easy. Facebook is a popular social media platform. Peoples spend most of their time on facebook throughout the day.

Technology and social media had greatly impacted the human’s life after its evolution. Today one cannot imagine their life without social media and especially without Facebook.

Students are found to be more concerned about using Facebook instead of focussing on studies.

They are addicted to using facebook every time. Social media has many advantages but also having disadvantages too. Peoples are always busy on their smartphones in doing chatting.

They are indirectly moving away from the social life. The major problem of using Facebook is among the students.

They are unable to focus on their studies and playing with their future. Guardians and parents worry about this problem.

That’s why many school admins used to block the Facebook website in their campus. Many authorities block Facebook in schools, colleges, and offices.

If you are also facing the same Facebook blocking issue then no need to worry about because there is a way to unblock Facebook by using proxy servers.

Let’s read more about unlocked Proxy Websites using best proxy sites.

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Unblock Facebook proxy server

Free Unblock Facebook proxy server sites List with unlocked Proxy Websites

The post deals about unblocking Facebook at offices and schools using proxy server websites.

The proxy server websites method is best one to unblock Facebook anywhere. There are many free proxy server websites available on the web.

But here, I will list the only best proxy server websites to solve this issue. Get here best free Facebook login proxy server sites 2017 to unblock social site at offices and schools. Users are advised not to use this method for just entertainment at the workplace.

But if you have any important work then you can use this proxy server sites method to access the social site.

Many times websites are blocked by using the ISP at workplace due to the some specific reasons.

But before using this method, the user must be aware of what is Proxy websites and how does it work.

Check below for the some proxy sites which can use to unblock Facebook. You can check a top list of free online web based proxy sites 2017 to unblock Facebook and any other social easily.

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 Unblock Facebook proxy server

What are Proxy Website and its work?

Proxy websites actually hide your main Internet Protocol address and creates a new one to access the blocked websites. It keeps your data secure from outside world and provides privacy to users as well. One can easily hide their data after using this proxy.

If a Facebook website is blocked by ISP at school, offices and even at home by parents then proxy server websites will help a user to easily access it through new IP address.

Proxy websites will help you by creating new IP address and hiding the current one.

Proxy server makes the internet surfing safe, secure and easier to users. No one will be able to access your important data.

Benefits of Web Proxy Server sites

The proxy server site has many benefits and provides full privacy to your data. You can use it to unblock any website or social at your place and no one will be able to catch you. The major advantages of web proxy server are mentioned below.

• SSL Security: It will encrypt your communication line between the servers to make it secure and safe.

• It will manage the cookies and not allow cookies to your computer.

• Ads will be removed automatically after using the proxy server. Even Google Adsense ads also get removed from the website.

• The main benefit of proxy server that it hides the IP (Internet Protocol) address and not expose your original IP address.

It will create and use a new one. This ensures the privacy of the user.

• It can also remove the other objects from the web page.

Best Free Unblock facebook proxy server site with unlocked Games

The proxy server sites are the best way to access the Facebook at any place directly. These sites offer good services to users. There are many proxy server sites are available on the internet.

But it is difficult to find which one is safe and good. Because proxy websites can also affect your system by sending a malware to steal your important data.

That’s why one needs to be very careful while using it. But don’t take tension because we will provide you top best free proxy server websites 2017 to unblock Facebook which are highly secure and trusted for use.

This is the first name in the top of the list. is a free proxy website that one can easily use to unblock facebook at their workplace.

It is very easy to use and manage it. It has very attracting and interesting user interface.

This is available for free this time. is one of the best and trusted online proxy site for unblocking the social site.

The user will also have control to manage to the secure data, cookies, advertisements and removal of any unwanted object.

You do not need to pay anything at this website for using their services. The user will have full control over this platform. The data and identity will surely be safe and secure when the

Instant unlock

It is yet another best proxy server site to unblock Facebook at office, schools and workplace. It not only unblocks the Facebook but also allows access to many other blocked websites too like YouTube, etc.

Instant-Unblock is very easy to use and easily unblocks the social site. You have to just visit the website and enter the URL of a social site which you want to unblock and then click on the “unblock website” to open the Facebook using proxy server sites.

This service works very instantly and allows you to securely use the Facebook at schools and offices. It will unblock any website of the world.

Users can use it as a universal service for unblocking any website at any time with one click. The URL of Instant-Unblock website is Let’s check out more options in the list below for unblocking Facebook. is the another one which is considered as the most effective tool to unblock the Facebook using proxy server sites in 2017.

It is a trusted and secures. It is capable of hiding your original identity from the outside world. You can get the access to facebook using it using the simple process. is available for free and needs no registration for its service.

Go to the website: and you will only need to put the URL and click on the Go Button.

After clicking on the Go Button, the new page will open showing the access details to the social site. This platform is time saving because it requires no registration for using its service.


Another great proxy service site to unblock the blocked websites in one click. It allows entering those websites which are restricted to access and blocked.

It also works on the same principal by encrypting the data between the server and user host. It will hide your IP address and create a new one while accessing the site.

Proxify is the best option for unblocking the Facebook at any place.

The website URL of Proxify is It is also simple to use as above ones.

It offers better privacy and secures data of the user. Proxify does not allow any cookies on your computer to get a store.


Unblocker offers many great features online along with unblocking any. It hides your IP and allows you to safely surf over the internet.

Users can easily unblock the various social sites with this proxy server site like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you also facing Facebook block at any place or even at your home then Unblocker would be the best choice to unblock Facebook safely and securely.

You have to follow the simple procedure to use this free service. Just visit and enter your URL and proceed to the next.

The Facebook will get unblocked and new IP address will be created.


Proxyboost is a very popular online proxy service in America for unblocking the social media giant, Facebook. It is also known as American Proxy.

Facebook can be unblocked freely from this service. The website URL is

Go to the homepage and enter the website URL and click on “surf now” button to access the Facebook.

You can also unblock the other restricted website with this free service. The user will not face any problem in using the Proxyboot service. It has very attractive and handy user interface.

This is one of my favourite services for unblocking any restricted website. It is very easy to use and works awesome.

This website has many interesting options like cookies and javascript. The connection between user and server will be encrypted.

They don’t have any disturbing ads and objects in between. You will surely be satisfied after using Filter bypass.I service to unblock any site.

This service is always my first choice when it comes to access any blocked website. And I would recommend this service for you too for good results.

It has very good website design and does the job very perfectly within minutes. It provides an array of IP addresses along with their location which user want to choose. They also have few options for anonymous private proxies for a fixed sum.

It means that service is free but to take advantage of all features, you must need to be a premium member.

You will see the URL box when to visiting the homepage. Just type URL and hit enter. This will unblock the Facebook within minutes for free access.

It is yet another free service for unblocking Facebook in 2017. It also has some good features.

If you are a Facebook lover and can’t live without it but facing restrictions then will be going to help you to overcome this issue.

It is a very fast proxy server website but having some ads implemented on top of header due to which the website becomes unresponsive sometimes.

IP Switcher is at the 9th position in this list. It is also a good proxy server website but due to the ads on the homepage it comes at the end of the list.

But once you move to the next page the advertisements will stop showing. You can use the Ad blocker option to block the unwanted ads.

The webpages are quite responsive and work very fast.

So, the above-listed websites are the best free online proxy server sites to unblock Facebook in 2017 at schools and offices.

If you have any important work with Facebook but facing any restriction then try the above free proxy sites service to unblock and use it.

But don’t misuse it like using Facebook during the work time. The above are the best trusted and secure proxy server websites to unblock any restricted website.

These are best options for those who are Facebook addicted and can’t live without using it. So, now enjoy Facebook at anytime and anywhere without any restriction.

Final Verdict unblock Facebook proxy 

The above provided is the list of top best free proxy server websites to unblock Facebook in 2017. These services are free and require no registration and signup.

You will only need to just enter the URL and hit the enter button.

If you know any other best online free proxy server websites in 2017 to unblock Facebook then let us know through your valuable response.

If you have any question arisen in your mind related to the topic then post your valuable comment below and keep the visit to get more about Unblock facebook proxy sites.

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