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Top Free Blogger Templates 2016

Top Free Blogger Templates of 2016 most blogger wanna install, You know that Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Templates is also a main part of blog seo, So for better SEO you must use Top theme or design for your site. You know its also helping in getting Adsense account. There are many things about SEO and blogging now fully depend on its design and its template. Now blogger fighting for getting first page results of Google. Everyone is trying to get better place,

You know that first page result affecting many things, You must consider all things, Today we are talking a good part of Blogger’s site which called their design or their template.Templates are called blogger design which can grow up your blogger and can drown. You many things are fully depend on any blogger templates, Now Google panda algorithm and also many other Google  algorithm updates also affect site design, because design also affects site navigation, quality and loading speed. So you must know about all things, then select something more useful template for your blogger.

How to Choose Best Blogger Template for your Blog?

There are many free blogger templates, You can choose any one but you know most are not fully SEO friendly and faster, Actually, blogger template we can do easily with little coding knowledge, Because it’s design is very simple. So most newbies trying to making and sharing, but they are not considered real optimizations, and there speed, They just consider their design. So use professional designers design.

So for better selection you must focus all things which affect a design, Also trying to choose world best and professional design, because professionals focusing on SEO first and design second, There coding is clean and also Google friendly. Working in all screens fine lie window, mobile, android, all browser and every platform, I will give you some tips for select a best one free blogger template for better SEO in the next paragraph, So talking ahead and know more info.

Always trying To get Latest Template

If you will search on Google then you will find a huge collection of templates. like plantillas blogger 2016 and many more. Because you can see that day by day or daily new design launching by developers. So before anyone, you must know their last updated date and also trying to get the newer version. Because newer version fully supported Google’s latest policies.

Top Tips for Choose Best SEO friendly Blogger Templates

Choosing best template is not easy, If you need really more attractive and also fasted, SEO optimized, with clean and attractive or cool design. If are you new to the blogging platform and you don’t know the best tips for select ant free to blogger temple, Then just follow some easy tips before choosing any one.

Always use Responsive Template, You can  use Responsive checker tools.

Always use Fast loading design, You can check the speed on Page Speed Inside.

Trying to get clean and clear design,  Avoid hyper design.

Trying to get clean and latest coding HTML 5 supported design.

Trying to avoid No more Java Scripts and J Query code design.

Now most internet user suing Mobile so trying to get Mobile friendly.

Use Professional’s designs because they are noting all right things.

If you are an Adsense publisher then also not Adsense friendly design.

World’s Latest Top 10 Best Free Blogger Templates 2016

Here we are sharing some best designs, These designs are really more responsive, fast, Adsense friendly, clean from others, There developers are really professionals. They just added right code in right places. So now don’t search more for this, Here is the best collection just select your favorite and enjoy blogging.

Senses: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

Like its name really this design is very sensitive in all screens, Very faster loading and also fully responsive, Adsense friendly, Latest clean coding, Fully SEO optimized, No any extra coding needed, Just install and done, 6 senses giving you 100 speed in Google Page speed inside. Also, Google translated added, This great theme, giving By

If you need more responsive design, then you can go with this. One of the most attracting things about this design is its subscriber widget, Its subscriber widget giving amazing look top this design.  If your content is ok and you have good visitors then this attractive subscriber widget sure will give you more subscribers, It will useful for you site SEO and also useful returning visitors.

24/7 News: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

This another best example of free Premium blogger template, which free provided by,  Its news like and also professional design, If you need something different and also more unique design for your site, Then you can use this one. Its fate loading, responsive, clean, all screen and browser fully supported, Adsense ads space added, In the Google page speed Insight you will get a 100 speed score, So you can say it Amazing.Looks very attractive,

So we can say that if your site gain more popular and you wanna give an attractive look for your site, then you can try this amazing template, this professional design free given by Hassan sir, If are you also a developer then see its coding you can see very clean design and also very faster. Latest coding supporting all type browser and also mobile friendly too. its home page looks giving a different and attractive look, but on posts you will see the only clean design,

ATB Responsive Blogger Template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

Its also a clean and best design, Before some time it’s not for all but now its shared for public or other webmatsters use, It’s Fast loading, latest coding, Adsense friendly, and full responsive design. No more any extra coding needed, Just install and start posting. In the Google page speed Insight you can get above 90 speed, If you are not using more widget then it will increase.

So we can say that its best design of Imran sir, You know that Imran Uddin is a very famous popular blogger, He also listed in Top 10 bloggers list of India, So we can think that his design sure SEO friendly and faster, Its Adsense read SEO friendly Blogger template, It will give your blogspot blog nice look. Its premium like the design now totally free for public use. Nice navigation, an Adsense banner ready, a Clean sidebar for add big and small size’s ads easily.

Sensational Blogger Template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo
Sensetional is more popular from all others, Its really great design, You can say it real clean design, Fully responsive, also Adsense friendly, fast loading, supported in all screen, Mobile friendly, Social sharing and social account widget added, Just install and done.After launch this Sensational blogger template it’s going more popular, Really, we can say that Sensational is really sensitive for all screens, Its very clean design, Also Google Adsense approval friendly,We also approved Adsense account using a Sensational blogger template, So we are trusting in this design and also suggesting you to use this design when you are applying for Adsense. because it’s clean design help to approve the adsense account, so get it free and enjoy this.

Bresponsive Blogger Template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo
Its look like pro, Also fast loading but not more from above,  But highly responsive, supported in all browser and also mobile friendly.  Look like WordPress theme, Just install and start posting, No needed any extra work. The responsive blogger template now no more popular, but there are many developers also loving this great design,Bresponsive is simple faster and SEO friendly blogger template, Its design very responsive in all web and mobile browsers, Simple clean coding making it very faster, It no needed any change just upload and enjoy. An Adsense banner ready, You can easily big banner on the header section, also attractive, clean sidebar to add big and small size ads to get more impressions.

BTNT blogger template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo
Demo BTNT Theme    Download BTNT Theme

BTNT theme also really very attractive, Most webmasters using this design, This great design provide by Chandeep, also free, Its fully responsive, fast loading, Also Adsense friendly, Clan coding also supporting all screens. Just install and start posting.

BTNT blogger template or Blogger Tips and  Tricks Blogger template we like most, Its very amazing very attractive free blogger template 2016, Its free design provided by btnt, If you wanna clean and clear design then you can use this theme, Looks very attractive, also social sharing widget added, No need any extra coding and widgets, all useful widget added in this design, Its really very responsive, fast SEO friendly blogger template, So get it and enjoy this great design.

Johny Ribet Blogger Template

Top Free Blogger Templates 2015 image photo

This is also the best example of responsive template, If you wanna full responsive blogger template then you can use it.  Auto Built in support for Social Bookmaking, 2 Column, 1  Right Sidebar, Built-in Pagination, Built-in beautiful Social buttons, Read More, Breadcrumbs.

So you can say its complete design. Johny Ribet we like so much, Its really very attractive and faster template, Its look like WordPress theme, simple and clean design also very responsive in all browsers. It’s really most using free blogger template 2016.

Soloris free premium blogger template

Soloris blogger template no more popular, but its really very attractive, You can ask any user which using this design they love this, Its not simply design it like a pro look, Mostly you are not seeing this look or design in Blogspot blog, Soloris is a WordPress converted theme,

Its clean, fast, responsive with all screens, SEO friendly free template 2016, Nice attractive sidebar and footer, Also Adsense banner ready header, This clean  template you can download free.

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soloris blogger template 2015

Demo Soloris – Download Soloris

Gaps magazine best Free blogger template 2016

Gap also a best blogger template, We are always trying to share only cool style and most using design, If you will search on Google top free blogger template then you will see many but you know most are not responsive and also not SEO friendly, SEO and responsive both are real part of blogging,

So to be continue we are suggesting for the use Gaps magazine template. It’s also a WordPress like design, You can use for the tech blog for better attraction, Its totally free blogger template 2016.

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grap blogger template 2015

Demo Gaps – Download Gaps

Any Suggestion and ccopyright

Guys, we are trying to share some of best design which most using by webmasters, If you have any suggestion for add and remove any design, then just suggest us, If are you copyright owner of any design and you wanna remove your design from our list then please tell us, We will remove your copyright design, because we also respect your design and copyright, Finally for more Free Blogger Templates 2016 keep visit this blog.

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