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Classic Old Google Maps Version with 7 Alternatives of this

Old Google Maps still very popular, Classic Google Maps alternative is very simple like old google maps old version. Recently on the 29th of April 2015, Google has replaced the Old classic version of Google Maps with the new and alternative Google maps as well as its lite mode too.

But, today many people don’t like to use this new Google map as it has issues such as loading lazy, rendering of graphics is slow and also the exploring of the map is too difficult. But there are many alternatives of this which can give similar like old classic version view.

Old Google Maps

Recently Google has replaced their old classical Google MAPs with new classical Google maps and lite mode on 29/4/2015. Interesting thing is that most of the people are not satisfied with the new look and millions of people are not liking the Google Maps news version due to several reasons such as facing difficulties when exploring features, lazy loading, slow rendering of graphics etc.

If you are one of those people who are facing the same issue or glitches and interested to move to old classical Google maps then you are at right place. Because we have collected a list of best alternatives to old classical Google maps and sharing them here with you, so that you can utilize them on a regular basis. You might have some question in your mind that whether you are able to switch back to old Google maps then you need to know that unfortunately Google is not allowing users to switch back to old classical Google maps and you can only try out lite version of Google. Otherwise, you have the option to use Old Google maps alternatives to try out.

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 Classic Old Google Maps Version

Classic Old Google Maps Version with 7 Alternatives of this

Though there are good features like, measure straight line distance, finding real time or live traffic, get the route with route planner in these Google new map or search nearby places, those issues with the Google new maps are making the people to switch to their old classic but, unfortunately you can’t get access to the old classic Goggle map and only what you have is to switch to new version of Google map.

But, don’t worry you have various other alternatives rather than the new version which is irritating you and those are listed out below. So, you can use them and they work similar to the classic old Google maps and even now millions of people are using them in their daily life. Do you want to know about those alternative maps? Then, go through the below list of maps and see how good they are when compared to the new version of Google Maps.

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 Classic Old Google Maps Version

If you are no more interested in new Google maps and looking for old Google maps best alternatives to try out in 2015 on the regular basis, then you should need to read out this guide. Because below we are listing some of the good and top alternatives to start using in 2015. Let’s get started to this guide and try out them mentioned below:

Old Google Maps also 7 Alternatives to Classic Google Maps Collection 

1. Bing Map:

Bing Maps is a product of the Microsoft Bing suite and you can judge it with its name itself. This is one of the best competitors to the Google maps according to many people. These Bing Maps offer us with many features such as street maps, 3D maps, traffic information and clear flow, driving or transit direction, sharing as well as embedding the maps and lots more features. You can see the Bing maps by searching in the Google for Bing maps.

2. Here Map:

This map is from the “Nokia” and it is acquired by it in the year 2007 and previously it is called as the Ovi maps that are, in between the years 2007 to 2011. After that, the name has changes to the Here map. It uses the model of cloud computing and that means it stores its locations, service information on the remote servers.

Everyone can access this regardless of the device they are using it to access such as Android, The web, windows or iOS device and others. It provides the services such as 3D maps, public transit information of many cites etc.

3. TomTom Map:

TomTom map has replaced the Google map by acting as the main data provider for the Apple iOS6. These mapping services are owned and provided by the Dutch company. There are many great services and products from the TomTom map and the services are traffic data, navigation map sharing and IQ routes and other live and mapping services too. People can access these from the web, iOS and android devices.

TomTom is another good alternative of classical Google maps and it was also selected as the data provider for Apple iOS 6 and replaced Google maps. Because of several features offered by this service such as traffic data, sharing, IQ routes, navigation etc it is more popular among users. Mainly TomTom is owned by Dutch Company. Unfortunately, this Google maps service is not available for web browsers; however you can take advantage of TomTom on both iOS and Android devices easily.

So this is all about the top and best old Google maps alternatives that you can try out and use in 2015 on a daily basis. I hope you liked this collection and found it useful. If you have any queries regards this article, feel free to let us know in comments.

4. MapQuest Map:

This map is owned by the company AOL which is American based company. This map uses the OpenStreetmap project for displaying the useful data services like information for the users till some extent of street detail along with the driving direction for some countries and it even can help the people while driving and also estimates the real-time traffic. It also offers the new feature such as Gas price comparison and this you can get by typing the address and also a document a comparing the price with your nearby gas stations. They also provide the mobile app for the android as well as iOS users.

MapQuest is owned by one of the most popular American company “AOL” which mainly utilizes OpenStreetMap project in order to display advanced and useful information to internet users. Best thing is that users can easily be able to find out street level details to some extent which is quite interesting and another great feature of MapQuest is that it can also help you to estimate the traffic while driving. You can also take advantage of latest feature such as Gas price comparison where you can enter an address and you will be able to view price comparison for nearby gas stations. If you are interested in accessing it, you can use this link.

5. WikiMapia Map:

This is also a good alternative map to the Google map and it provides the clear as well as the detailed map which stays up-to-date to the entire world. This is privately owned mapping site and their aim is to create a free service for the entire world. As per the Wikipedia, 2 million people are using this map as well as 24 millions of objects have been marked by the people. The features of this Wikimepia map are easy editing as well as the wide category of the map.

WikiMapia is another good alternative to classical old Google maps that offers free and complete updated of the whole world. The Interesting thing is that WikiMapia is mainly owned by privately owned commercial mapping website. Users can try out the several amazing features such as easy editing of Maps etc and it seems to be the good competitor of new Google maps due to its advanced features. It will be the great choice and recommended as well if you want to use it as an alternative for old Google classical maps. You can access the web version of WikiMapia through this link.

6. Yandex Maps

Russian-based Internet Company which owns this Yandex maps. Yandex is the largest search engine of the country Russia. This map will offer the detailed view of the map and that includes the building, street view, rivers etc. It even allows you to get the traffic as well as the direction ideas too. You can access these maps both from the web and the android as well as iPhone devices.

Yandex is one of the biggest search engines in Russia and Yandex is mainly owned by a Russian company. It offers detailed to users which have features such as street view, rivers, buildings, etc and many more others. Apart from this users can also get traffic and direction ideas using this easily. Best the thing is that Yandex is available for both iPhone and Android devices and also available for several other platforms as well. If you want to use the web version, then you can access it through this link.

7. Waze Map:

This map is developed by the Israel and then later Waze map was obtained by the Google. This map helps with features such as knowing the real-time traffic statistics, navigate route turn by turn. Waze map supports in the web, android, iPhone, windows, blackberry and Symbian phone versions also.

Old Google Maps or Classic Google Maps

These are the seven different types of alternative maps to Google maps and even today millions of people are using these maps. So, people can try using these maps and get great services out of them. You can switch to any of these maps presented here and you will definitely get those services whatever you want based on the features specified in the every map. Hope, all these are the great alternatives for the Google maps and so that we have presented them over here.

If you don’t want to use both the Google new version of maps as well as all these alternative services then you can make a petition at the Google This minimum requires 25000 petitions in order to raise a petition over these new Google maps. This helps them to notify to the team of this company so that there will be a chance that it  will take any appropriate action as per that.

Today many people are making their petitions against this new version of this to get their old maps again. Most of these people like the old version of the Google map and it does really well. So if you are the one looking for the same old Google map, then go ahead and file a petition to get back your old and favorite classic Google map again.

Final Verdict on Old Google Map

Hope, this information about the Google Map would definitely help you out. So, read it out and know about various alternative maps for Google which many of you don’t know actually and use them as per your need and as per the features specified in the maps. So now you can enjoy old or classic Google map very easily, But there are many new updates which will make more better your experience, So just think it.

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