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Blogspot vs WordPress 2017 SEO Comparison for Blogging Platform

Blogspot vs. WordPress 2016 complete comparison can help to know that which is the best platform for blogging and which one give you best SEO.
You can see Blogspot vs WordPress vs LiveJournal, but Blogspot vs WordPress SEO is one of the most reading topics on the internet because SEO comparison is the primary factor which can improve our blog visibility in any search result. But after SEO, there are many other factors which can also affect blogging so first, you must consider about this.

If you are new in blogging and have good knowledge which you wanna share from blogging then you can try with many Best Blog sites 2017 for creating free blogging site. You are free to start from here.

If you want a Pro platform, then you can upgrade to the custom domain, and also self-hosted hosting plan. But getting a good start will give you true success in Blogging. You must select the best platform for blogging and start blogging with the most understanding platform. So let read more about this.

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Blogger vs. WordPress Which is Right For Create a Blog and make Money

Blogger or Blogspot both are the similar worlds. Blogger is Google platform which provides by Google with the free domain which is the dot .Blogspot.

As we know when newbie started blogging for earn money or passion blog but most are falling due to confusion in choosing a right platform. Making money is last part of blogging, but the selecting platform is the main part of this.

Before going with any platform, you must read more comparison which can show Blogspot vs. WordPress which is the better.

As our experience says there are many things which affect blogging. But mostly we think that easy customization, Search engine optimisation or SEO and Security are main things which should consider before selecting best one. For example, if your technical knowledge is not better then you can try with blogger because it’s very easy to customization so let me know more about this.

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Compare Blogspot vs WordPress Using Below Points

Security Which is best for the safety Which are more secure platform
SEO – Which is more search engine friendly platform.
Design – Which is can give more free design and easy customization.
Hosting – Free was hosting and paid to host which better for you.
Technical Knowledge – Which platform need more advanced technical Knowledge.
Backup – Which giving more easy backup options.

Blogspot vs WordPress 2016 Full Comparison SEO Security & Make Money

There are many points which can show bad and good points of both platforms. But here, we are trying to include these points which can direct affect your blogging career.

Means, if you have not Good SEO knowledge then which is better for you or if your not sound knowledge in coding then which should is better for you.

So first read all below point then select one from both blogging platform.  So lets’ start using some point which can help to understand this Comparison better –

Security Of Blogspot vs WordPress 

Blogspot or Blogger – There is no doubt that Blogspot is more secure and no one can break their safety because it is a Google product. You know that Google is master which giving step 21 verification system. Using that no one can break your own safety so it is very very secure to WordPress. It is the biggest plus point that no one can access its root files.

WordPress – It’s security nowadays more improving but not still like blogger. Their safety depends on plugins. But using .htaccess file now makes it more secure from plugins.

Now you can also use login attempt lock down, step 2 verification plugins like Google step 2 verification but still not secure like Google Blogspot, and on this platform, hacker can access your root files.

SEO Of Blogspot vs WordPress

Blogspot – Blogger is not SEO friendly. No one can prove that it’s SEO friendly platform because it has the simple design with few coding for SEO. But now days, you can use latest Best SEO Plugin For Blogger optimisation Code which can improve your search engine ranking but still not like that.

WordPress –  This platform is known for SEO or better search engine optimization. No one like this because it is a CMS system which supported plugins. There are thousand SEO plugins which can improve SEO without doing more work on SEO. But Blogger has limited SEO codes so still WordPress King of SEO.

Hosting Comparison for WordPress Vs Blogspot

Blogspot – There are many Best Domain and Web Hosting Providers, but Blogger is world biggest free hosted platform. You can get free Blogspot domain also and can redirect to your custom domain. Google nothing was taking from your just put your domain and enjoy very secure hosting lifetime without any error.

WordPress – WordPress was also providing free hosting with free.WordPress domain. But we can’t use on this platform custom domain like If you need to put custom domain, then upgrade your site by buying hosting or buy hosting for running your blog. So it’s not free service on the internet. We can use only limited features on the free platform.

Customization Blogspot vs WordPress Comparison

Blogspot -It is very easy to use. It is layout easy to understand and also easily customise. You can change widget place quickly and also can remove and add widget easily. You can give the best log your Blogspot site in few minutes without no more knowledge.

WordPress – It’s very hard to customise. If you wanna customise any WordPress theme, then it will take more time. Because its navigation is not user-friendly, adding widget and removing that too confusing. So its layout is not good and simple like blogger.

Design Comparison for WordPress Vs Blogspot

Blogspot – Blogspot is simple so you can get easily thousand free templates or design. On this platform, you can get any premium WordPress theme’s clone for free. So here, you don’t need to pay for design. If you have some knowledge of coding, then you can quickly make the template. And also can customise it.

WordPress – Here are more design or theme but not free. So on this platform free designs are limited. You can get many types and also more attractive and also mobile friendly design on WordPress. But it is not easy to customization like Blogger Blogspot.

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Backup Blogspot vs WordPress Comparison

Blogspot – If are you using Blogger Blogspot blog then you can easily get a backup of your template or design. And also selecting the export option you can easily get all content and pages backup easily but it’s more difficult in WordPress blog.

WordPress – Backup is the biggest headache after security in WordPress blog. You need plugins for this and to get theme backup it is also hard. So, we can say it that Blogspot is better to get a backup of design and content or post easily.

Blogspot vs WordPress which Better for make Money

Blogspot – You know that Blogspot is Google part and AdSense also Google Product. You can Make Money Using Google Adsense from both platforms. But getting approved Adsense account is not an easy task but with Blogger Blogspot blog you can get Approved Adsense Account easily, and it’s also Adsense friendly.

WordPress – As you know that anyone can sign up and apply to Adsense for making money online. So, if you are using WordPress then don’t worry you can apply Adsense using WordPress site, but you need to complete all policies of Adsense.

Good and Bad Points in Blogger Blogspot Blog

Good Points 

  • Easy Template customization
  • Free Web Hosting Lifetime
  • Free Template or designs.
  • It’s very secure no need to worry about security.
  • Content and design full Backup option.

Bad Points[sociallocker][/sociallocker]

  • It’s not SEO Friendly
  • You are not the real owner of your Blog.
  • Google is the real owner of your blog.
  • Can be deleted your blog without warning.
  • No more customer support or contact for Google.
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Good and Bad Points WordPress Blog

Good Points

  • Self Hosted platform so not fear of Delete.
  • Many Professional premium themes.
  • Thousands of Free Plugins for every task.
  • You can Access all files of the root directory.
  • You are the real owner of your blog.

Bad Point

  • Not secure like Blogger.
  • Not easy customization.
Blogspot vs WordPress 2015 SEO Comparison for Blogging Platform image photo

Final result on Blogspot vs. WordPress which is best for you?

We hope after reading this review, you can go for the final decision that which is best blogging platform for making a blog. As our experience, you should choose these platform which gives you more favour to your idea.

Means if your SEO is good and-and you need more security with easy customization then you should use Blogspot blog.

But if your coding knowledge is better, but you have no more knowledge of SEO then you should use WordPress. So finally we hope you will enjoy this article. If you have any more suggestion on Comparison of Blogspot vs WordPress 2016, then tell us.

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