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Best Word Cloud Generator free MAC, PC Windows and also for all

Word cloud generator free and also best word cloud generator mac and also PC, windows and all complete info you will get in this article. A world cloud is actually an amazing way of visualizing a large number of text into better and good pleasing way. It lets the users know about the most frequent words used in the whole text. The larger the text and it will be more common used in the text. So in short words we can say that Word Clouds are a good way to know which words are more used in any kind of text or writing easily.

Another thing which I have seen these days is that most of the people are using these cloud generators for changing their twitter background as well as Facebook background image. Most of the people, on the other hand, are utilizing these tools for compelling presentations, and paintings for bag shirts also.

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Best Word Cloud Generator

Best Word Cloud generator free MAC, PC Windows and also for all

From students and teachers point of view, these tools seems to be very useful because it is a great way to let users show their creativity and understanding. Creative students can easily take advantage of such cloud generator tools for showing their understanding and seems to be the great way to display their knowledge being creative. Best the thing is that it is fun to use and easy to learn as well. Well, you might know that teachers can spend a lot of time to look for the best tool and that’s why I will be going to share in this guide that what are the best tools that you can start using right now.

Through this, you can represent how words in a text are used with their frequency. You need to enter a piece of text and then modify of this for representing your main message and then you can change looks of these tools according to your own desire.

As most of the students creates such types of words clouds, so there are many ways through which they can display them. Most of them allows the creators to easily save these clouds and can easily download them in.Jpeg file and can also be uploaded as well. So what are the best and main uses of this?

Uses of Word Clouds

Well if you want to share your knowledge into visual learners then this is great way for you. Actually there are many words cloud generators available on the internet that offers users to make a good word cloud representation.

For getting reactions on specific topics

Featuring ideas from different discussions or videos

For teaching vocabulary to read activities

Students can easily brainstorm a topic

Best Word Cloud Generator Tools of 2016

If you are one of those people who are looking for best and top word cloud generator tools of 2015, then you should need to take a look at this collection. Because today we are discussing best online tools for word cloud purposes. So without wasting any time, let’s get started and have a look at this collection:


Wordle is known as one of the best online word cloud generator tool available for users. Best the thing is that it is free of cost available and users can easily start using it. You need to install Java on PC so that you don’t face any issue when using this tool on Google Chrome. Wordle allows users to generate the word clouds through text input by them. Also, you can tweak the generate by you for making it look beautiful.


ABCya is another great on the internet which seems to just like Wordle and users can easily make changes to the word cloud they have generated and pick layouts that are best for your classroom. It also allows users to save in .jpeg image format and can be print out directly. No registration is required and this app is best to use and iPhone or iPads users can take advantage of this application which is free to utilize.

Some other great and recommended word cloud generator tools are mentioned below. Have a look at them as well:

Tagul –

Tag Crowd

Cloud Art –

Final Verdict on word cloud generators

So this is all about the best word cloud generators and I hope you liked it and found it helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions regards these tools, feel free to let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to add them into our guide. For more about word cloud generators keep coming.


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