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Best free music apps for android for music download 2017

In the modish world, we all follow what the trend says. It feels like one did something different and the whole mob began to develop that. I mean it feels awkward sometimes, but it’s the truth that we follow the vogue.

In this vogue, people love to carry a gadget that not only helps in communication but that’s a small bag having another world in it. Friends, I am talking about the mobile phones, and yes it’s true that it’s another world that we carry with us.

When it comes to our cell phones we all are very specific in that. Today, we all hold a branded phone which can be of any company as there are so many sellers. Moreover, this business has become like a fish market where everybody offers better option than the others,

Like I said keeping mobile phone is like holding another world with yourself because it offers you so many things about which you never ever have wondered. You can capture pictures, make videos, can access internet, can communicate with your close ones whenever you want and also can listen your favourite music anytime.

We all are well familiar with songs and in the survey it was found that when people feel stressed up or happy or sad they go to listening songs which give them the feeling of relaxation and joy. Indeed, the songs are the very essential part of our life. Today, we can have so many options in our mobile phone that will give us the allowance to listen and see our favourite songs.

Today, in this article I would like to introduce you all to some apps that offer you unlimited music for your Android phones. So, let’s began with it.

Free music apps for android for music download

In the race our first horse is Apple music app Apple music App– when it comes to music, Apple is one of the biggest competitors in this race. It’s a myth amongst the people that they think Apple music app is only for the iPhones. Friends, nothing, is like that.

On June 30, 2015, Apple launched its music streaming app which Android users can also access. Though there is a condition that iTunes of Apple offers about 43 million songs and its streaming offers you only 30 million songs.

I feel the difference is quite big, but the Apple lovers can have this sacrifice. So, if you want to access the Apple app then you needs to go to the play store of Google, and from there you can download this app for unlimited songs.

Apart from music the versatile Apple app gives you unique extras such as Connect, a blogging feature that actually brings the artist more closely to its fans by allowing them to share videos, songs and photos with their fans. It also offers different plans for students, family and individual plans that are very good and quite affordable.

One more fascinating thing is added to it is that it includes BEAT 1 internet radio station which is played continuously in more than 100 countries.

 apple music

Our second horse is Amazon music with Prime music-  

Prime Music – If Apple offers so many things so, Amazon is also not lagging behind. Yes, friends, Amazon is giving the wide range of music in its app that we can use anytime. Though there is no replacement of Apple still Amazon is present in the race.

It is one of the most underrated apps that give about 30 million songs in a catalog from which you can purchase and download it. You can also go for uploading your music just like the Apple app. It doesn’t offer you many plans.

However, your original membership can be used for the other things on the website like Prime Instant video, free two days shipping and many options. Over all, it’s a good option to go for. If you want to download it, then you can go to play store.

Amazon music with Prime music

Our third horse is the Spotify-

Spotify is a fantastic app that offers free ad supportive streaming services with an addition to its paid subscription. The biggest drawback you can find in this app is audio quality in the free and paid service.

It’s an excellent user-friendly app for the Android users as they will be able to able to download the songs for the offline mode.

Furthermore, it’s been updated, and there are cheaper plans available in it for the family subscription. It just offers services like Google Play Music and Apple Music.


Our fourth horse in the race is Google Play Music

It is such a fantastic app that gives you the best subscription plans with more 35 million songs in it. The unlimited Google Play Music will cost same as the Spotify.

The main key features of this app are that it gives you to access the You tube Red and from this, you get the access to use the Google You Tube videos along with some additional features. So, it’s a ready to go.

Our fifth horse in the race is the i-Heart Radio-

i-Heart Radio is one of the most popular Music apps as it offers free music with tons of other options. It offers you 1500 music radio channels that span the variety of genres; it includes about 15 million songs sung by 15000 artists. These features make this app more popular amongst the youngsters.

It is quite user-friendly, and its convenience level is up to the mark.

i-Heart Radio

Last but not the least our sixth horse in the race is the Pandora-

Pandora is a very user-friendly app which lies under the convenience level of the users. It doesn’t offer many songs, but due to its skyrocketing popularity, the users ignore this point.

It’s a non-interactive platform which means that you need to give thumbs up or down. The free subscribers can skip only a few songs per day, whereas the paid subscriber can have unlimited skips.

So, these are the best apps that anyone can have for the songs but it’s up to your choice which app you would love to go.


Do you love watching you favorite Music songs on Youtube?

How many of us use the Youtube to look at the videos? If this question is asked in a classroom then I feel all the students will raise their hands. This is the most fantastic, fantabulous and stupendous app that the whole world’s people use.

I mean, when the word video comes on the lips then YouTube is the other word that will come instantly. Sometimes, it feels like the video name satisfies the YouTube, I mean you don’t require say anything after you thought of the video because whenever we think about videos, we directly bump to the Youtube.

We all love watching videos, whenever we are happy sad or in any emotion. Many of us who are the big fans of sports they love to look at the highlights and also like to see that thing again and again.

Well, this is true, and we need to admit it that yes, we all love to watch videos depending upon our test what kind of videos we prefer more. But there is a bit big problem we can’t go for watching these videos when we are not connected to the internet.

Most of us usually visit YouTube. Its type of an app where you can find all kinds of videos related to any topic. But this you can only do when you are connected to the internet. There is also a very major problem that occurs most often that is the buffering problem.

Whenever we watch videos it requires good internet speed and many times we are unable to get it, so, and then the video starts buffering. I know it’s very irritating but we can’t do anything for it, if you want to see full video without any problem then you need to have an incredible internet speed.

When you don’t have good internet connection, then face the problems like watching the video quality being very poor. In which you will blur video running in front of you that feels disgusting. But if I say that there is an app that will help to get rid of all these problems, then will you believe me? I feel no.

So, let me introduce an app that will help you to watch your favorite videos without facing any problem. Tube-mate, an excellent app that helps you to get rid all the above problems you face while watching your favorite videos.

It’s a long-term famous app that is used by not millions but billions of the people. So, let’s talk about some specialty of this app. This app provides all kind videos that you want to see even some that you are reluctant to see. You can sign in to this app using your Gmail account. This app also has the search box where you can actually type the name of the video that you want to see.

Nowadays, the Youtube has initiated a new feature in their app i.e. you can save your favorite videos for the offline mode and can watch that out any time you want. Though few videos can’t be saved, most of the videos can.

When this many feature the YouTube provides then where it is lacking? Have you all ever imagined about it?

Let me clarify it. You can have the full access to the Youtube when you have proper internet connection. Otherwise, you will stick to the problem of buffering of the videos which are really irritating. Even though, you have saved the videos for the offline mode, if you have not used the internet for a long time then, you will lose the access to watching those offline saved videos instantly.

I guess these are the major problems faced by many of the users. We all feel extremely irritated with such things which follow us whenever we watch videos or when we want to go for watching it in the offline mode.


As I mentioned above that this app provides additional features, I must tell you will be flat once you get to know about it. Let’s go enlisting its features.

The video was downloading– this is the most demanded feature on the official YouTube that we don’t get, but on this app, you have the full access to download all the videos you want directly from the website without facing any problem.

Audio download– now, this will slightly sound weird to you that how can anyone go for downloading the mp3 versions of the songs from the videos? But let, I tell you all that this app aids you in converting the video song to the audio version and then you can easily download it.

Clear picture quality– now, the question must be arising about the picture quality of this app, then friends don’t feel scared because you see the videos at any resolution you want. This app offers the similar picture quality as the Youtube.

Multiple videos were downloading– this is the very new and fantastic feature that allows you to download the multiple videos at the same time, but friends don’t be in the hurry because other videos will be downloaded once the previous one is done.

Rename videos– you have the full access to change the name of the videos, and you can keep whatever name you want to.

Background playing- it is a quite relevant and unique feature which enables you to play the videos in the background, and you can use the different apps at the same time. You don’t require sticking to it.

Now, after knowing such fantastic apps you all must be eager to know how to download it. For knowing, the answer read below.

Conclusion that we can draw-

From the above discussion, we can draw many conclusions regarding this YouTube app. It’s easy assessable; you don’t have to pay a single penny to get it. You can watch your favorite videos at any time once you download it for the offline mode.

It depends on you which quality picture you want as this app gives you full information regarding the quality and you easily chooses what you want, I mean at which you want your video to be downloaded for offline mode. In this app there is no meaning of saying that you need to refresh or need to download already saved video. It eases you to find your favourite video in the search bar.

The behemoth youtube has launched the option of watching the offline, and this is the coolest thing they have done in it. You can search your favorite video from youtube and have the option to save it but youtube.

When we are talking about videos we can say that many videos are also not available on the youtube, yes, it’s true. Apart from this, there is also some problem related to the offline saved videos. Imagine that you saved video from youtube at high quality, and now, you don’t have any asses to the internet for a longer time. Now, the condition becomes adverse.

The video that you saved from youtube, you won’t be able to see that because you were offline from using the youtube. This is the biggest drawback that it has. You don’t have any asses to the offline saved video, and this whole process will take place within a week, Horrible.

Now, I am ending up my discussion, leaving the options in your hand. But I would recommend you all about the Youtube app that it is amazing.

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