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Top 10 best blogger 2017 with highest AdSense‎ Earning Report

Blog the Blog can be defined as the online personal journey or a diary where it gets easy to express the view to the world and where the thought can be shared without any fear. It’s on the whole a platform for those who are willing to express themselves out. It’s a great platform for people to make money out of expressing their feelings fearlessly. The blogosphere field is all open for everyone to be activated with and earn money but only few will successes to a great level.

Blogging is not a cup of tea and not a one day process. The person has to put his interim efforts, hard work, dedication and passion to achieve the success. The person who wants to start with blogging should have such qualities and remember that it takes time. To lead a path to success, the bloggers have to shed their great efforts and only then will it get possible to get the estimated earnings. However, Blogging built up positive energy. By reading this you must be wondering how it is possible to earn money through blogs. Well, I will help you with this now.

How to make money through blogs:

Ever wondered that your full dedication, hard work, passion, expressive nature can make your pockets full with more than estimated earnings? No, then start thinking now as it is possible to earn money through blogging.

As mentioned above, Blogs are nothing but the fearless attempt to post and share whatever you feel to. This might sound very interesting that by just doing so much, one can earn money, but that’s exactly true. Let me go in depth of how to earn money blogging and where the money does come from.

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There are several people in the world who are earning great income every month through blogging and this might sound little shocking. Well, the process starts with dividing the income into three categories.

The first one is Affiliate earnings where the bloggers earn money through owning the referring sales to another company using the blog posts.The second category is the adverting where the bloggers make money through showing ads on their sites and gets paid every time the ad gets a click. The last category is the Product and services where the bloggers get the selling of their own products and services to the audience using the blogs and get benefited like ways.

How the profit does flows?

The entire profit depends on the business and hard work endeavored in the business completely. The bloggers who spend like nearly 1$ on their business can yield a profit of $3.02 on an average. That will be almost 200 percent profit margin and to justify with the saying, the top rated business like the normal Brick and mortar earns a profit margin of 10-53 percent which is just mind-blowing.

This brings us back to the thinking that it is indeed possible to earn huge amount of income through blogging. To subdivide into different categories, the income of the business models in terms of profit, income and expenses can be listed. In terms of services, the total income comes to about $21,508, the expenses are $2805 and the profit is $18,703.

For ad-selling category, the expenses are $135,041, income $235977 and profit $100936. For Affiliate marketing, the expenses are $47,664, income is $214232 and the profit is $166568. For those who owe product sales, there is a huge scope as the expense is $113,767, income is $434004 and the profit is $320237. Through this, one can make a note of how the profit and earning is possible through blogging.

The revenue statistics flows this way. The services categories allow making a good living through blogging and they pay someone else to get the worked done. They just owe the site and the services are hired from others. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it can be listed to be an average list of earning where in the blogger gets benefited with the selling of the own product. The best thing here is that nobody will have the control over the happenings individually.

When it comes to the own product sales, the profit is generated 2x times the revenue of the affiliate marketing which is just great.  However, in today’s world, it gets very difficult to earn money where the competition I huge in all fields.

People struggle a lot to manage their earnings and expenses and sometimes bear huge losses. Through blogging, the person gets a positive energy and a feeling that yes u can earn money but some extra efforts and can have a nice living. It is fun, entertaining and platform for expressions.

Top 10 best blogger 2017 with highest AdSense‎ Earning Report

To mention about the income of the top most 10 bloggers 2017 is a nice thing for me to do currently because even I am surprised with their earnings. The bloggers really work hard to earn the income without any issues, allowances and also make sure that they maintain accurate accounting records to be substantial in the business. Here’s the list of top 10 bloggers who can be a true inspiration to all of us. Let us know about their incomes and sources.

1. Amit Agarwal: Labnol

To fall under the list of top 10 best bloggers it is a great achievement. The one who comes under this among others is Amit Agarwal, Indian who is the pioneer of the Indian blogging. Rendering great efforts and hard work,

Amit has managed to reach the great height and has become one of the top best tech bloggers of India. Being completely unique in his fortray, the man comes to be a true inspiration for all those people who are fearless to earn money through blogging. Amit Agarwal used to work in USA in Goldman Sachs till 2004 and later planned to quit the job and started with his own tech blog which he named to be called as “Labnol”.

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Amit Agarwal: Labnol

The luck favored him in all ways as the blog site became very popular and famous in just few months and the income started to roll out well. Very soon, he started to earn nearly about 10 lakhs a month which kept going great for the time.

Then after few years, the income increased as currently he is earning a whooping amount of nearly 20-30 lakhs per month. He is termed to be the best blogger of Indian and he is obliged with the credit. He is also a communist at wall Street journal currently.

Name Amit Agarwal
World ranking by Alexa 2183
Earnings 20-30 lakhs per month
Income channel AdSense, Paid advertisements and Affiliate Income

2. Amit Bhawni:

The list brings us on the hard work of Amit Bhawani who chose to blog in the year 2007. He is the man whose fortray is technology and gadgets and began to start with writing on the mobile phones, tablets and news related to technology all over the globe.

His willingness to write had leaded his paths towards the success and now he is said to be one of the top 10 best bloggers in India.  He is a resident of Hyderabad and runs a digital solution company in the city currently. His journey started in 2007 where he started to blog and managed to earn income of 7 lakhs per month which is considered to be decent income for the start.

He dint have to wait long to become popular and very soon did there were about 35,000 visitors per day and this way quickly he became popular with his blogs. He started with the site named “” and also has other blog site names like and much more.

He is aptly said to be the true inspiration to all the young bloggers and truly apperacietd to be on the list. Amit also stands unique in terms of his work and is very much happy with the earnings that allow him to live a pleasant life.

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Amit Bhawni:

Name Amit Bhawani
World ranking by Alexa 4000-5000
Earnings 7,00,000 per month
Income Channel Mainly AdSense, Ads Network

3. Faisal Farooqui:

Faisal Farooqui, the founder of is one of the famous and top most rated bloggers in India that manages to earn a good income. He can also be termed to be as the true inspiration to the young bloggers who wants to follow the same path. His blogging site Mouth shut cannot be actually termed as a site but can be said to eb a consumer research and services web portal site.

Faisul is well educated from the University of New York and makes several visits between India and USA. When Faisul started with the web portal, he did not have the urge to be on the top. But they say when luck favor you nobody can stop you from reaching on top and the same thing happened with Faisal. The web portal became way too popular and he soon began to earn good dollars of income every year. Though he can be said to do a small business, he is a true inspiration for the young bloggers.

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Faisal Farooqui:

Name Faisal Farooqui
Earnings 2-3 million dollars per year
World ranking by Alexa 3404
Income Channel From ad placements, affiliate sales a premium membership.

4. Harsh Agarwal :

Harsh Agarwal is a young talented person belonging to New Delhi. He is making good income through blogging and is very happy to live a windfall life fulfilling all his needs. Being independent, the man is said to buy a Maruthi Swift desire car by himself from the income earned through blogging.

The young talented personify his spirit of being a true inspiration to all and used to work at a software company Convergys earlier. When slipped the mind, he quit the job and began to start with his own blogs and his topics were more about the social media, blogging, word press and so.

He came out with launching his own blog site in September 2008 and has achieved fame and popularity very soon. The number of visitors keeps on increasing day by day and this is increasing his popularity and increasing the income also. He earns good amount of about 4 lakhs per month.

Harsh Agarwal :

Name Harsh Agarwal
World Ranking 4948
Earnings 4 lakhs per month
Income channel 50 percent of income from affiliate sales, others from AdSense, Direct Ads, consultancy.

5. Praddeep Kumar:

The other young talented person who is a true inspiration for all the young bloggers is S. Pradeep Kumar. He is the person behind the launch of HBB and resides in Chennai. Pradeep is also a founder of the Slash square and is very proud of him.

Completed the studies form the SMK Forma Institute of Technology, the boy started to blog about the social media, technology and blogging tips which led the path of success and very soon he became popular with his blogs that were followed by thousands of people every day. He started to earn about 3 lakhs per month.

S. Praddeep Kumar:

Name Pradeep Kumar
World Ranking by Alexa 11,083
Earnings 3-3.5 lakhs per month
Income Channel Paid Advertisements, Affiliates, AdSense.

6. Srinivas Tamda: 9

Srinivas Tamada belongs to Chennai and has endured his efforts on blogging about the programming, Ajax, PHP and other designing things. He named his blog as and h became popular getting the recognition and fame. He is very young and is a true inspiration for the people looking head to join the blogging fields. He is earning a decent amount of 2-2.5 lakhs per month and is very happy with the earnings.

Srinivas Tamda: 9

Name Srinivas Tamada
Earnings 2-3.5 lakhs per month
World ranking by Alexa 7933
Income channel AdSense, direct Ads, Affiliates

7. Arun Prabhu Desai:

Just like other top rated Best Bloggers, Arun Prabhu Desai also fits in the list. Arun is a resident of Pune and in the month of April 2007, launched the blogging site named which became quite famous in some time. He started to write up blogs about startups, financial news and stock market.  Backing from USA, Arun started to earn about 2-2-5 lakhs per month and is very fond of photography.

Arun Prabhu Desai:

Name Arun PrabhuDesai
Earnings 2- 2.5 lakhs per month
Worlds ranking by Alexa 12637
Income channel AdSense, Paid Ads

8. Jaspal Singh:

Jaspal Singh another popular blogger stared with the where he started to write about his personal life. He is a mechanical engineering and his blog were about software, internet tips and technology news. He started to earn a good amount of Rs 2-3 lakhs per month. He is also said to be the true inspiration for all the young bloggers who are trying to follow the paths.

Jaspal Singh:

Name Jaspal Singh
World ranking by Alexa 12679
Earnings 2-2.5 lakhs per month
Income Channel AdSense, Paid Ads, Affiliate

9. Raju PP:

Blogger Raju belongs to Bangalore and is an electronic engineering graduate. He used to work as an Infosys technician Specialist unless he started to run his own blog called technically personal. Happy with the response and results, in the year 2008, Raju launched the where he started to write about the modern technology, online tools, web apps and lots more which became popular and drawn huge audiences towards his blogs, he managed to earn about 2-3 lakhs per month and is also a great speaker in conferences and seminars.

Raju PP:

Name Raju PP
World ranking by Alexa 16309
Earnings 2-3 lakhs per month
Income channel AdSense, advertisements

10. Rahul

Last but not the least comes the name of Rahul Bansal, one of the top rated Best Bloggers who is a true inspiration for all the young bloggers. Rahul belongs to Pune and is a M.Tech Computer Engineering graduate who started with the blogging and is a full time the year 2006, Rahul came up to start with the blogging site where he started to write about internet and technology.

Thousands of people used to start following him and very soon they started to earn a good income of about 1.5- 2 lakhs per month. Being young at age, Rahul achieved great success with making money through blogging and is very happy with the gesture. Continuing to blog, Rahul inspires all the young bloggers in a great way.


Name Rahul Bansal
Blog Devils
Earnings 1.5- 2 lakhs per month
World ranking by Alexa 20223
Income Channel AdSense, advertisments.



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